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FSU reaping added benefits to looking the other way with Winston.
Suburban Engagement Photos. Not sure where this means one should live. But interesting.
Definitive guide for you Creative Folks. "Should I Work For Free?"
New ad for Android. Love the "And" angle.
Watch a Motocross Jump - Like a Boss.
Friday Smile: 8 year old Dance Dude - DESTROYS
Fury director says Shia Labeouf is just messing with us.
Trailer for Ron Howard's Heart Of the Sea. Wow.
"Dear White People" trailer. Hope this is good and conversation provoking.
Ralph Steadman does Breaking Bad. Sweet. HT to my buddy @SigmundBloom
What you need to know about Ebola and how you can help.
For you Star Wars fans.
Carlton does the "Carlton" on Dancing With Stars. And it killed.
@MoveTheSticks Word.
@calderian @SigmundBloom I don’t think so. Definitely not a QB.
@SigmundBloom It does shine a light on flaws of putting so much on a pro day. Way too much emphasis I think.
@SigmundBloom I’m not that convinced all the GMs are that stupid though. I think he got a grade and got drafted. At 18, Jets weren’t biting.
@SigmundBloom I think so too. At that point, they had to have faith in Smith.
@SigmundBloom Do you think they would have taken a QB at 18?
@pauldickenson That just feels obscene. I’m all for getting paid but that’s wrong.

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