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@RyanMc23 Thanks Ryan!
@ProjectRoto That's awesome Buddy. That was a tough draw but you nailed it. Hope you're doing great.
My mailman today HOOKED ME UP. New @fanduel Magazine.
Fantasy Impact of Antonio Gates Suspension by our @SigmundBloom
Graffiti artist and building owner battle.
Marshawn Lynch jumps into endzone of Skittles on Conan. Yes. @MarshawnLynch24 @TeamCoco
Aaron Rodgers & Olivia Munn sword fight training. This is NFL news in late June...
@Schottey Thank you, Michael.
Cracking FanDuel (185 pages) ebook is LIVE. It's part of the FBG Insider PRO Subscription:
Cracking DraftKings (185 pages) ebook is LIVE. It's part of the FBG Insider PRO Subscription:
@TheBigGurt I personally would set draft order first. Then see if that effects strategy on keepers. Good luck!
Fun Business Lesson for @shakeshack and their Fries.
Undo Send for Gmail. It's been a super useful feature for years but now "official".
Panthers owner donates $100,000 to victims families and church in Charleston Tragedy.
Gary Player not a fan of Chambers Bay. "The worst golf course I might have seen in my 63 years as a pro golfer".
“7 Ways to Use the Power of Powerless Communication” by @susancain
Matthew McConaughey says he "didn't drive a Lincoln to be cool." Like anyone in the last 40 years has driven a Lincoln to be cool...
100 Things You Need To Know Before You Draft. My Buddy @MatthewBerryTMR with his always great annual article.
A thoughtful article on responding to the tragedy in Charleston.
Praying for healing after tragedy in Charleston. Awful.

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