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Christians and Earth Day. Something to think about...
Most googled athletes by state. If I were the Baseball Commish, this would scare me to death.
Spider Man 2 clip if you're into that. Jamie Foxx not looking very Jamie Foxxish.
Teen survives flight from Hawaii to California in wheel well of jet. Wow.
Cute pic warning - Dog and Baby. HT to Guy Kawasaki.
This guy nails it I think - "Why I Killed My Standing Desk"
I love it when tough guys are nice. Iggy Pop rocks.
Gregg Popovich with a cool interview Craig Sager Jr. with Sager's dad battling Leukemia.
Happy Easter & Coffee With Jesus.
Some tech industry buzzwords you're probably sick of hearing...
People are Awesome. Incredible Photos.
Iranian mother pardons son's killer on gallows. Wow.
Foods you maybe should calm down on. From my buddy Jason Wood.
@FFRittle Gotcha. Thanks.
@FFRittle Sorry, not sure I understand your message.
I'm guilty of complaining about other Christians. Maybe this is the right angle.
Not new. But awesome. Mountain Dew Dale Call.
Looking for new music? William Wild is your answer.
Stephen Colbert and his Faith. Fun stuff.
Rabbit Pizza advertised on a billboard made from rabbits. Don't see that everyday.

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