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RT @erikmal: You're up, @49ers.
@zach_law Hi, Zach. Let's do them now! Hope you're doing great Buddy.
In the exam room at my female dermatologist for a FULL body exam. "She's a Maniac" playing on the sound system. Awesome.
@allinkid @Jeff_Erickson Thanks Buddy. Its an honor just to be in the bunch. Have a great weekend.
The Sad Dads of One Direction Concerts. Perfect.
RT @dwineman: Evolution of music sales: 1. Pay a lot 2. Pay a little 3. Pay anything 4. Pay monthly 5. Forget it, now you own a U2 album
Rock On, America.
@4for4_Josh Word. Thanks Josh. Hope you’re doing great.
Sweet look at Wes Anderson films. HT to my friend Danny Wilson.
NE Beat Writer @DougKyedNESN says Gronkowski a go for Week 1.
Motley Fool on iWatch: "They laughed at the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Now they're laughing at this. Big mistake." Seriously?
Our Footballguys Player’s Championship pays down to 650th place w/a $2 million prize pool at $350 a team! Play now:
Eastern Michigan's through the wall field entrance a little less dramatic than they thought...
Just kayaking a drainage ditch slide with a GoPro. Sweet.
Stop Fake Apologizing.
Just if you care. Football talk for me will be on @Football_Guys For everything else, I’ll be @Joe_Bryant
USC CB Josh Shaw - Hero.
Super Power Jesus...
Aaron Paul with a cool shoutout for his wife.
@ESPN_Colin rolling today: “There’s not much good on TV. That’s why they have the Emmys on a Monday”. Agreed.

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