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Let's cook BBQ all night long under a beautiful East Tennessee summer sky for our Homeless Folks downtown tomorrow.
Maurice's Piggie Park on a beautiful Columbia day. God Bless South Carolina.
Creators and Consumers. Good stuff from @donaldmiller
Kevin Bacon with a great ad.
I'm down with the #morebetter, Thanks @chrisbrogan.
Wisdom of Winnie the Pooh. Love.
Beautiful Samsung Surfing ad.
Coffee With Jesus. And Carl.
Facepalm. "Made in Tennessee" ad campaign made in Kansas City. HT to Leigh Seaman.
@JasonMonesmith I’d be fine hanging onto Cam. WRs are better than they’re getting credit for. Good luck!
Facepalm. People questioning whether there was "actually any abuse" in the Ray Rice case.
@JasonMonesmith What would you do and why?
Not sure if this makes me want break something. Or puke. I think both. HT @deadspin
@IamEdGlass Hi Ed. Your best bet is to post on our footballguys message board forums in the Looking For Leagues.
@ShanePHallam Yeah, I can see it. Any team with QB questions mean a wide gap between ceiling and floor.
@ShanePHallam Maybe. What's changing your mind?
@evansilva Agreed. Sometimes the first guy isn't the right guy. I'm pulling for him.
@evansilva Pettine seems completely reasonable in all that. I like his style.
Non Football - Living with the "Bright Sadness". Love this article by my friend Doug Bannister.

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