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"Love Will Conquer". Rock on, movember
Praying for Peace and Healing in Paris. Artwork from Obey.
950 Black Eyed Joe's Hot Dogs to go with these for the Ribbon Cutting at…
Black Eyed Joe's Chicken today while warming up the Big RC for tonight.
Bring it.
@JJPeterson75 @donaldmiller @Storyline Thank you for your humble and sweet spirit JJ. You create fertile ground for a conversation.
Love this.
Tom Coughlin now has to carry out the trash?
Black Eyed Joe's Frontier Beans. Colorado Beans with Texas Beef Sausage.…
Writing Random Shots today with my "Brownie Money Manziel" mug.
The "Rest Of The Story" for the Selfie Girls. Good lesson in that there's often more to the story.
Chiles Toreados from Taconooga. Jalapeño and Onions with Lime Juice. Off…
Knoxville Peeps. Come eat BBQ with us Wed night. Cedar Springs 5-7 pm. Help support our Homeless Folks.
Rock on, Steve Spurrier. We acted like we hated him. But we all wanted him for our coach.
I was right. Cried like a baby. Epic show from @dirty_guvnahs Benediction and a Bow. Perfect.
Proud of my friends @dirty_guvnahs. I'll have no shame in crying like a baby tonight. Much love for you Boys.
New shirt. Shout out to my Guys Bob Henry and Uriah and Brandon Hunt.
Donald Trump to be on Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Should be fun.
That hair doesn't just happen by itself.

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