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New Music - Anderson East. All I'll Ever Need. Love this dude.
Love the new Kickstart ad from @MountainDew
Fun to see my buddy Kyle Lebeda @katchop with some major pub in the Simmons-Lewis squabble.
Another great ad from @Newcastle. Super Bowl Smorgasbord.
More detail on the statistic about the top 1% owning half the world’s wealth - Vox
Really interesting. Saudi King buried with modest funeral in unmarked grave.
An American Tragedy - Skymall files for bankruptcy...
Wealth inequality to reportedly hit a milestone next year. Richest 1% will own more than the other 99%.
All is back on track. Bad Lip Reading 2015 is here and it's glorious.
Breaking from #DeflateGate for serious NFL Business: SB Prop Bets are out. Whatya Love?
@tpmaltbie @MikeReiss Mike will obviously have a better take than me but this seemed like MORE of a big deal after he talked than before.
TBT: Bon Iver encore with no mics at the Ryman was an almost spiritual experience.
Will Ferrell with an epic half court shot attempt.
Very often, there's a lot going on we don't see. Poverty is tough.
As a Christian, I'm with Aaron Rodgers here. I don't think God cares a lot about who wins the game.
Whine less. Do more.
Don't know a lot about skiing. But I know this is rad. HT to Cindy Wilson.
Congrats to @bobhenry of @Football_Guys. Dominated the premier @FantasyIndex Poll AGAIN.
Video of man experiencing Orcas on a paddleboard. Wow.
I'm with @jonacuff - You now can know how to do anything. Your move.

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