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America's Folk Heroes on one map. Love this stuff.
Ditch the fancy tools. Just get started. Good post from @donaldmiller
Rock on, Mr. Rogers.
Wow. Jobs disclosed his cancer return to Disney's Iger just 30 minutes prior to $7.4 Billion deal.
An old article but still relevant. Give us the real court surface for March Madness not the ugly NCAA thing.
Words are fun. Misused phrases.
Rock on, Apple. ChaCHING. HT to Guy Kawasaki
The Most Interesting Pitcher In Baseball. Made me think of Sidd Finch. HT to my buddy Danny Wilson.
Obviously a great cause. But one step closer to SKYNET becoming self aware...
Possessed By Paul with more proof talent doesn't equal fame. Love this guy.
Olbermann And Why the Powerful Self-Destruct on Twitter
Interesting. I saw the same. Sending Stuff To The Wrong People – AVC
This Church is kicking butt. Love it.
People are freaking out about rumored Dez Bryant video nobody knows anything about.
Fun Coca-Cola ad. Pay it forward.
@Tgore08 That is the key question, Thomas. It has the potential to go horribly wrong. But could be fun too. Amazing times.
Roadie launches as Uber for shipping & delivery.
You just think you're safe from the Octopus on land...
Zlatan Ibrahimovic's tattoos for hunger. Rad.
Honda General Lee. God Bless my home of Knoxville Tennessee.

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