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@FFRittle Gotcha. Thanks.
@FFRittle Sorry, not sure I understand your message.
I'm guilty of complaining about other Christians. Maybe this is the right angle.
Not new. But awesome. Mountain Dew Dale Call.
Looking for new music? William Wild is your answer.
Stephen Colbert and his Faith. Fun stuff.
Rabbit Pizza advertised on a billboard made from rabbits. Don't see that everyday.
You had one job...
Old school Knoxville with my Man Walter Sheppard this morning at Rankins. @ Rankin Restaurant
Coffee Nerding this morning with some new Hario pour over gear.
Good Morning Brave Ones. See you out there. @ Waffle House
New Slogan: "Peace Through Superior BBQ"
Prepping for
New wrap for the Big RC today about half way done.
Sometimes, you just need a reporter falling off a boat to lift your spirits.
"Rust Cohle" does the AT&T Kid Ad... Sweet.
This is long at 16 minutes but super cool. Get beyond yourself.
Find the closest National Park and get there. HT to my Buddy @SigmundBloom
The power of Reconciliation. Wow. Must read.
You know this but may still do it. Please don't text and drive. Make loved ones watch this.

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