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@greasegasnglry Looking for Swagger pomade. Discontinued? What’s your closest replacement? Thanks.
@zach_law Awesome. Glad you had fun. They’re good for sure.
Jurassic World looks like the perfect summer popcorn movie.
@zach_law How was Knoxville? I know you had to love the game. The Vols are pretty accommodating that way.
@zach_law Enjoy the game!
@zach_law Zach! Dude, I’m sorry but I’m going to be out Sat. We’ve got a photo shoot at our house we’re doing and then I’m in Sweetwater.
@TimWutz Hang in there Tim.
Hang in there Buffalo.
State soccer jerseys... Hat tip to my Buddy Brad Lewis.
Cool photos of Groom seeing their Brides. Love this.
Ken Block Insanity in Los Angeles.
Good example of “stick to what you know”. Wall Street Journal reviews Austin BBQ.
@jcrew_help Thanks for the quick reply.
@jcrew_help Quick question. Love the fit of the men's Urban Slim fit chinos. For your jeans, what is going to the comparable fit? 770?
@patfansinaz Thanks Buddy.
@zach_law Hows the BBQ coming Zach? It’s fun learning as even the not great stuff is better than what you get out most places.
Just Nik Wallenda walking between skyscrapers. Blindfolded.
FSU reaping added benefits to looking the other way with Winston.
Suburban Engagement Photos. Not sure where this means one should live. But interesting.
Definitive guide for you Creative Folks. "Should I Work For Free?"

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