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@calderian @SigmundBloom I don’t think so. Definitely not a QB.
@SigmundBloom It does shine a light on flaws of putting so much on a pro day. Way too much emphasis I think.
@SigmundBloom I’m not that convinced all the GMs are that stupid though. I think he got a grade and got drafted. At 18, Jets weren’t biting.
@SigmundBloom I think so too. At that point, they had to have faith in Smith.
@SigmundBloom Do you think they would have taken a QB at 18?
@pauldickenson That just feels obscene. I’m all for getting paid but that’s wrong.
Just if you care. Football talk for me will be on @Football_Guys For everything else, I’ll be @Joe_Bryant
I'm a Capitalist and love the laws of the Free Market. But this CEO pay thing seems wrong to me.
@SigmundBloom @evansilva Football’s awful for this as supporting cast is such a factor. Makes baseball seem like a controlled experiment.
For one of the greatest companies on earth, Apple sure seems to mishandle mistakes. Fascinating.
Happiness For Kids. Love this stuff.
Random Shots are Live. WRs as QBs. Bob Kraft. Andy Dalton as Syndrome & More.
@4for4_Josh Word.
@alsobrooks Word. Thanks Buddy.
@RossAMHorton Hi Ross. I need to revive those. I’d hit a dry spell on music with not much new interesting me. I’ll see what I can do.
RT @erikmal: You're up, @49ers.
@zach_law Hi, Zach. Let's do them now! Hope you're doing great Buddy.
In the exam room at my female dermatologist for a FULL body exam. "She's a Maniac" playing on the sound system. Awesome.
@allinkid @Jeff_Erickson Thanks Buddy. Its an honor just to be in the bunch. Have a great weekend.
The Sad Dads of One Direction Concerts. Perfect.

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