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So I guess we're saying Soccer is hard to predict?
Woman who doesn't use Facebook out of touch with friend's prejudices...
@Geraldjj Please shoot an email to and they can check it out. Thanks!
God Bless Willie Seaberry. The world needs more Po' Monkey's Lounges.
So Tebow at the RNC was just a rumor. Per Tim Tebow.
Answering the question: "How do they make $$$ from the Pokemon game?"
Lin-Manuel Miranda moves on in style.
Well done Portugal Kid. We're in this together.
The Dallas Police Department Has Been a Model for Reducing Officer-Involved Shootings
@rahianrodriguez Hi R. Should be same as last year on July 4 weekend. Thanks for being part of FBG!
Guns instead of Selfie Sticks. Thank you, Internet.
I like Alt Nation. But can we admit most "Alternative" music is pop music that's not very popular?
Negan with a comically long villain monolog felt like Incredibles. #whoisit?
"Don't shine me. I'll be your anchor man. Yes I damn will." Rock on, Eugene.
Cool insights into movie making technique looking at Coen Brothers.
Motivation comes in lots of different forms. This one was apparently effective. Rock on @DeAngeloRB
@tipandpick NICE! Looks fantastic, Buddy.
Civil Disagreements. What we can learn from an unlikely friendship between Supreme Court Justices.
Rock on @TheCEffect

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