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#notinla @ Brooklyn Bridge
Yes, you can walk in the park after dark. @ Central Park Baseball Field
Rumor has it they found about a dozen elephants/Mastadons/mammoths when they were digging the red line.
The Swamp has been drained. @ Central Park Sailboat Pond
If you're in town, you're invited to attend the Ocean Park Association Holiday Party on Saturday, December 3rd at...
Not the beach. 😎 The sunglasses are to keep your face warm @ Central Park
Something else you don't find in Los Angeles. #notinla @ Bow Bridge, Central Park
One of my favorite places in Manhattan is Rockefeller Center @ Rockefeller Center
Holiday angel @ Historic Hotel Bethlehem
#AmericaisBeautiful @ Mauch Chunk Lake Park
Happy Thanksgiving all @ Macys Balloon Inflating
Lunch with mom. @ Macy's
Who wants the media gig of hanging out on 5th Avenue for 4 years? @ Tiffany & Co. - 5Th Avenue
Something they don't have in Los Angeles @ Upper West Side
Mixed metaphorr; California's fuel efficiency is lowering transportation funds. @usccmf…
More great Brazilian music comes to LA. Samba on....
Alwaysvspectacular @ Ocean Park, Santa Monica
There ARE big buildings in downtowb. @ California Market Center
Friday's fabulous sunset @ Ocean Park, Santa Monica

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