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NOT optional! Guide to Using LinkedIn for #Job Search - #LinkedIn via @JobHuntOrg
How an "average Joe" job seeker can make a great impression without bells and whistles: #jobhunt
New aspect of modern job hunting - "social proof" - Do you have it? via @LinkedIn #careers #jobsearch
The first 5 things you must do after getting laid off, from @wisebread: #jobseekers
If you are thinking about re-launching your career after #retiring, here are some things to consider:
RT @WorkCoachCafe: Show employers that your resume is real; build your social proof! by @JobHuntOrg via @LinkedIn
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Helpful advice for your #jobhunt! RT @LaurianaZ: 11 Tips for the Newly Unemployed via @usnews
30 things to do for your #career by age 30, from @DailyMuse:
Want to do what you love? Talk to someone in that field: #careers
10 reasons your #resume may not get you a job, from @Social_Hire:
Laying the foundation of a successful #jobsearch:
Retired but bored or broke? Returning to work after retiring by @DebraWheatman #Careers via @JobHuntOrg
Make a good first impression, #jobseekers! RT @UndercoverRec: How to Dress for Your Job Interview [Top 12 Guidelines]
How to effectively conduct a targeted #jobsearch, from @nu_mba:
Fired to hired: Make the transition: #careers
The 20 highest-paying #jobs for high school graduates, from @cbrooks76 at @bndarticles:
3-step strategy for leveraging Twitter for your #jobsearch:
Don't forget balance! RT @MeghanMBiro: Are you addicted to work? Take the test to find out via @DZoneSocialBiz
5 #jobs for people who love to travel, from @payscale

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