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People think more about what they are going to do when they retire than whether they will have the funds to do them.
What appeals to buyers about updated bathrooms.
Understanding what contributes to a credit score can help you manage your results.
The advantages are substantial and worth the effort.
It is like understanding what bait to use to attract buyers.
7 out of 10 buyers say that the features they want in a new home have not been updated in theirs.
FHA is a viable alternative to about 20% of new and existing home sales.
Property management tips to improve your overall rental satisfaction.
Create a system to keep from overlooking them by making a recurring appointment on your calendar.
Enjoy the leaves, the cooler weather, Thanksgiving and one of the best times to buy a home during the year.
Alternative bulbs differ considerably in price, but interestingly the more expensive replacements offer lower opera…
Getting into a lockbox is much harder than breaking into a home.
Overbuilding a neighborhood could make it difficult to get your money out of the home.
It is fairly easy to understand why they are popular.
The rates are still a bargain compared to the last fifty years.
Use this check list to add some peace of mind while you are out of town.
Rental homes are a terrific way to pay for college tuition.
It is not a project but a process that needs to be kept current.

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