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I am at about stress level orange.
Hey tax people. Are Cost of Sales the same as Cost of Goods Sold? If not, where do I Cost of Sales on my business forms?
Wow! Awesome stuff for small businesses!
First coaching call is done. I could have talked forever. That was fun. Great group of people! #MakeItHappen
Stoked to be heading this up! RT @h7_inc: Less than 1 hour until our first "how to" marketing coaching call!
Sunday will be the best day to announce that you won the Mega Millions. I bet everyone will not believe you and never ask for your money.
About to get ready for the Daddy\Daughter Dance tonight with 2 of my girls. #MyLifeRocks
OK, need some help. I'm going to be getting some new jeans today. Rhinestones? Yes or no?
And on the 8th day God said though shall go forth and #MakeItHappen (Yeah, God used hashtags before twitter did)
RT @h7_inc: Don't forget! Small business owners, self-employed individuals, and those looking to build their persona...
Small business owners, self-employed individuals & those looking to build their personal brands. FREE:
2 bloodshot eyes, sore throat, headache, can't hear out of right ear. Know what that means? It's time to hustle & #MakeITHappen #NoExcuses
No matter what mood I'm in, when my wife cuts my hair I feel like I can conquer the world. #OnTopOfTheWorld #MakeItHappen
In case you forgot. It's Friday!
FYI - You already know everyone you need to know to be successful. #JustSayin #MakeItHappen
Thanks! @theoveranalyst: Officially a judge next weekend for the Maine/Massachusetts US Pageant! Thx for arranging @jaypelland & @H7_inc!!!
I would say this was a very successful day so far. Schedule all planned out and tasks set for tomorrow through Friday #Winning #MakeItHappen
Anyone every used (@scrubly)? Just trying to see if it's worth it.
It took me forever to fall asleep last night. I just kept trying to figure out, who, who, who let the dawgs out. It's killing me!
I woke up today. Put on some pants. Checked the pockets. Found some awesome. Already using it. What's in your pocket? #MakeItHappen

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