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@MarshaCollier @MikeQuindazzi @DigiObs @SachinLulla @IoTRecruiting @evankirstel @ValaAfshar @TheMisterFavor… https://t.co/lcHtxRdaIt
RT @eXoPlatform: How #ArtificialIntelligence will impact the #FutureOFWork according to these 22 experts #AI @DavidBrin @j2bryson @romanyam…
RT @MikeFeibus: Honored to be included in this elite group! Made @DigiObs Top 15 #Influencers at #CES2018. ("Influenceurs" is French for "I…
@scott_lette @Davos @wef @qz So the Simpsons
@GracePiper @Davos @wef @qz Great point. Will do
RT @rachelloumiller: Organizations have to be fast, focused, flexible and friendly to be successful. via @JimHarris Read more: https://t.c…
RT @joelcomm: Let's party like it's 1995! https://t.co/VM5j6RtfSi
REALLY looking forward to being in the picturesque Davos for a week #WEF18 #Davos #Switzerland https://t.co/7r5BYE1cZZ
Donald Trump To Address World Economic Forum in Davos https://t.co/qWTzigbjiJ #WEF18 #Davos https://t.co/9KEk0SZTqG
@chboursin @DigiObs @SachinLulla @IoTRecruiting @evankirstel @MarshaCollier @ValaAfshar @MikeQuindazzi… https://t.co/mLFfOAOXiH
AMAZING! New York City plans to divest $5 billion from fossil fuels firms. New York’s $189B pension funds will dive… https://t.co/W2jdALMPdY
RT @wrobertsfood: FASCINATING! Beef vs Bean Protein. Concerned about climate change shift more of your diet to vegan! #food #vegan #climate…
RT @KDHungerford: .@Tiffani_Bova discusses with @JimHarris > Why #Innovation Isn’t (Only) About The Product https://t.co/WFRRJYthWS #busine…
@theslimdude @arcimoto It's similar to the Piaggio MP3 https://t.co/t1QtblgerU
RT @CES: Wouldn’t mind hitching a ride in this @Toyota concept #CES2018 https://t.co/hM4G8qRMf9
You know that Google has been working overtime when it's assistant is in which end fashion. Google has a big push t… https://t.co/V5R1n2d6rY
@theslimdude @arcimoto Yes, it doesn't look like a traditional motorcycle. But under law it's classified as one. In… https://t.co/0JfmZvfIA4
Test driving the @arcimoto, a fully electric #motorcycle. Base price = $11,900. Options include being fully enclose… https://t.co/vXWr2Qmz1x
@MrAndrewFitzy @Samsung Yes!
@PeterLaneFoods @Samsung Peter, I hope you back up your data! :)

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