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Damn http://t.co/eLXqqd4QL5
craving for some sushi
Kapoy sya og laba ghpon http://t.co/LFtqFWyXe1
grbe tulog nako duh, pag abot sa balay straight nako sa bed si mhe2 na lng namalong sa lights pati na ky gong2,... http://t.co/42JzgmWPyg
Monkey de coline http://t.co/49E0FVjwfB
Yayay si gong2 down transmission paita
Tambay2 sa ta kadli dri sa bukid hehe slightly low tech mode sa ko this week
tagam http://t.co/yYn7tFXK6x
Damn i have a fever, not a good way to start the month
Ning hilak npd nag tanaw movie http://t.co/QNZoDcuYfO
Nawong version 2.1 http://t.co/NKwO724bWH
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/INZr2052xg
Mahal mn gd ka buh http://t.co/wwG4Zw51Qy
Movie Rate 9/10 http://t.co/Ah3aU00V9n
Movie Rate 9/10 http://t.co/9QQfOXsHbS
Congratulations, Mr & Mrs Bedar! http://t.co/fmGORxyePG
Naghilak nag watch pbb nyahaha http://t.co/VrQk9J94P5
what started to be just a simple jogged around the neighborhood with kyojin, turned out to be a battle between... http://t.co/mf0Pn4fsGh

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