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@Calliewest Darn. Sorry to hear. Can you send us a note so we can look at this further?:
@bcaguirre Plenty of room to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out!
@MattWojcik8 Kick back, grab some snacks and enjoy, Matt!
@baconfenders Got you covered, Chris!
@devanjedi Thanks for letting us know about this. Please give us a call at 1-800-JETBLUE & an agent will be able to help you.
@anne_pelczar Are you at the airport now, Anne?
@ChristinaMVH No. We have heard of no issue with the check-in on our website, Christina.
@JustineRouth Sorry to hear about the delay, Justine. Are you going to fly on that plane?
@UFCGYMPREZ Happy to have you onboard, Adam! Lean back, grab some snacks (as many as you want) and enjoy our Fly-Fi service!
@anne_pelczar Sorry to hear, Anne. Have you been able to find a better option that works for you?
@momfluential Sorry for the inconvenience that the cancelation caused you. Please let us know if we can do anything to help you.
@iamGVG ...the change fee. Thanks again for reaching out to us. 3/3
@iamGVG ...booked we sent you an email confirmation. If you want to change your flight there will be the difference in airfare and... 2/3
@iamGVG As Gray explained on the phone, we offer a 24 hour grace period after booking to correct any error. When your flight was... 1/3
@momfluential Have you been able to give us a call so we can look at all the rebooking options for you?
@iamGVG Unfortunately, there is the difference in airfare and change fee if you are looking to move your flight.
@iamGVG Sorry to hear, Gardy. Have you been able to change your flight?
@_Erad Let our team at the airport know that you'd like to board early so you can strap his car seat in.
@HillaryMonahan ...of our crew at the airport. Sorry to hear you are frustrated. 2/2
@HillaryMonahan Sorry to hear that you missed your flight. Since you weren't able to catch your plane, rebooking is at the discretion... 1/2

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