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@bakerywalla We can't wait!
@davehirschman Hi David. Just be sure you're within earshot of announcements. We'll have you on your way asap.
@jasonpontius Hi Jason, we'll have you in the air asap. Hang in there. Thanks.
@FrankieC720 ...need to call the financial institution that issued your card. 3/3
@FrankieC720' button and you may proceed with your booking.If it does not allow you to proceed with your booking, you will... 2/3
@FrankieC720 If you receive the Verified by Visa activation page and you choose not to activate, you may choose the 'do not activate... 1/3
@FrankieC720 Franklin, you'll need to contact your bank directly to bypass Verified by Visa. Sorry for the frustration.
@BrandisBeads Cancellations can be frustrating, but we're happy to hear you were able to reschedule, and with great customer service!
@FrankieC720 ...complete your transaction. 2/2
@FrankieC720 The Verify By Visa page can be a little tricky at times, but it's there for security reasons. We hope you're able to... 1/2
@FrankieC720 So this is a Visa giftcard you're attempting to use?
@brifasone You're welcome to check our widget to see if your flight will have #FlyFi service:
@PeterLougee Unfortunately we can't correct a mobile boarding pass. You may try printing the boarding pass at home, or at an airport kiosk.
@heath_rushing Sorry to hear that Heath. We'll do our best to get you in the air asap. Hang in there.
@Mackadocious84 Sweet! Looks like you're having a great time! #beautiful
@PeterLougee @TSA We can't add that if it didn't automatically appear. Did you enter your Pre✓® when you booked?
@emilystires Hello Emily. Is there something we can do to assist?
@lizbelmonttt You're welcome Liz. We hope you have a great night!
@FrankieC720 We want to make sure we understand, are you saying that you were able to get the card to go through?
@jfiguere ...asap. Please understand that when the cause is within our control, we work to make it right. 2/2

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