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@MagicalMeli We're glad you like the snooze kit, Melissa! We're excited to have you take to the skies with us tonight!
@____alyssa We're excited to see you on board in a few months, Alyssa!
@jeffschneller We update the blog daily, so if you check it the day before, you'll be able to see if your flight is listed.
@jeffschneller 2/2
@jeffschneller We're working on installing #FlyFi in all our A320's to find our if your flight will be equipped, take a look at our... 1/2
@jeffschneller With 38" of legroom vs. the standard 32"-34", you'll definitely notice the difference.
@cappability You're very welcome. Have a great night!
@zfayette On behalf of Crystal, thanks for the shout-out! We'll gladly pass along your thanks to both Crystal and her supervisor!
@LoveeyouPerlaa The prices will vary. You can find deals at: Or, use Best Fare Finder at:
@cappability That's correct. Just give us a call and we'll get you taken care of.
@ke ...outlets in the near future. 2/2
@ke We don't have power outlets on all of our planes yet, sorry! We'll be giving our A320s a makeover that will include adding... 1/2
@c_millerrrr Sorry about the delay, Christine! We hope we'll be able to make it up to you in the air, enjoy your flight!
@Joetooflex ... 2/2
@Joetooflex We'd love to have you join the family one day! When you're ready to apply, you can find all our openings at:... 1/2
@Joetooflex Aw, that makes us so happy! :D
@princessdanii_ No way! We love YOU more! ;) Have a great night, Danii!
@JamesRTullio Ooh, we hope you enjoy the new Fly-Fi! We're excited to have you on board with us tonight!
@Joetooflex We love you too, Joe! Hopefully we can both learn how to handle it. ;)
@Joetooflex Is that a sad face we see? #spreadthelove 😉💙

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