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@MadisonBeggs Looks like you guys are delayed due to some weather we're having in the Northeast. Hang in there!
@andytweetshere It's possible, though we obviously can't make any guarantees. The last schedule extensions were 9/14 & 7/13, if that helps.
@MadisonBeggs Delays aren't any fun! Which flight are you waiting on?
@MarketingProfs @PHLB6GM @austinkleon Hello Ann. It's great to see that all is well! Have an enjoyable evening!
@Mersh65 As of right now, yes - however it's still possible that it could cancel or be further delayed. Our AP crew will have the latest.
@emershon Looks like we're waiting on Air Traffic Control clearance, Elaine. We'll have you on your way asap. Thanks.
@Major_Grooves Right. Generally we don't compensate for issues out of our control. Hopefully Mother Nature will start playing nice!
@bnhendrickson @SFGiants Oh Brittany, we 💙 you!! Thanks for having such an awesome attitude!
@Major_Grooves We're showing F718 cancelled as well. Have you been rebooked onto a new flight yet?
@Liz_Krupka Sorry Liz. Hang in there!
@claudaholic Sorry about the that, Claudio. We know delays are rarely convenient. We'll do our best to make up for lost time in the air!
@mansoorpervaiz Gotcha. Unfortunately options can be somewhat limited when schedule changes happen. Our apologies for the travel disruption!
@stephparker Aw, thanks Steph! They'll love hearing your compliment!
@youknowmeaschad ...apologize for the inconvenience. 2/2
@youknowmeaschad Sorry Chad. We've contacted the airport and verified that it is outside ticket counter hours at this time. We... 1/2
@andytweetshere We generally extend our schedule about 6-8 months in advance. If you're a TrueBlue member, you'll be notified when we do!
@kimberlydiesel So glad our crewmembers are helping make the delay a little more bearable! Thanks for hanging in there with us, Kimberly!
@CamdenProud Thank you! We appreciate having the opportunity to have you fly with us!
@MarketingProfs Yeah, sounds like our PHL team found it! Just give 'em a call at 215-365-3153.
@natizorr Sorry about the delay. It looks like we're waiting on Air Traffic Control clearance.

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