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@RachelElise86 Only the best for you, Rachel! Thanks for letting us be your ride this morning.
@ChocoAndWine Sorry to hear you're delayed this morning, Marie. Thanks for the positive outlook! We're working to get you on your way asap.
@TimReillyPoker Dang! The crew can often reset they system. If that doesn't work, you'll be entitled to a service credit for the trouble.
@SMHillman Our pleasure, Sean! We just love being your ride back to the big city. #homesweethome
@NeiroRomero Stretch out and enjoy every minute! Glad to have you onboard with us, Neiro.
@LilyMintIT That's what we like to hear, Naya! It's a pleasure having you onboard with us this morning.
@frenchhorn88 Easy breezy, just the way we like it! Great to have you with us this morning, Nicholas.
@ei_jbarnes Oh no. We're sorry to hear this, Jonathan! If you've filed a baggage claim, we'll work hard to reunite you with your bag asap.
@SabbatiniE ...check their bags at the curb. 2/2
@SabbatiniE Curbside check in is actually offered by a third party that offers the convenience for those that want the option to... 1/2
@paulysouffle Nothing we love more than seeing you smile, Paul! Have a great little getaway to the sunshine state. ☀
@prplehaiz We hope you'll be able to enjoy the rest of your flight!
@prplehaiz If they pose a safety concern, yes! Or, they can always check for open seats! 😊
@prplehaiz Please be sure to let our inflight crew know so they can get that cleaned up. Thanks!
@chillyatitsbro 👊
@chillyatitsbro Brilliant! 😂
@chillyatitsbro Really!
@chillyatitsbro You always have good ideas, Josh!
@minah_faheem ...have the most up-to-date information. You can also check the status online at 2/2
@minah_faheem So sorry to hear about your parents' baggage. Please continue to work with the baggage office in New Orleans as they'll... 1/2

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