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@Mariajosepez ...we do not cover hotel expenses in situations like this.
@Mariajosepez Sounds like you've been rebooked on the next available flts. While we regret you won't make it all the way to RDU tonight...
@mariapalitousa When delays/cancellations are caused by weather, we do not compensate for hotels or other expenses.
@lisasharkey ...that's convenient for you and we'll make sure your refund gets processed.
@lisasharkey No need for extra stress (we regret that you've already dealt with a great deal of it), just call us this week at a time...
@nr_sander Not if they're prevented from getting to work by unavoidable issues such as bad weather.
@lisasharkey ...we're hopeful that hold times will be back to normal (7-10 min or less) by this afternoon.
@lisasharkey ...and it says anything about a cancellation fee, don't complete the transaction. You can also wait until later to call...
@lisasharkey Some ticket types allow you to self-serve using the Manage Flights tab on If you try it...
@ShawSports ...agents will gladly check if there are seats left to any of our NYC-area airports.
@ShawSports Because of the cancellations all remaining flights are pretty full. But if you're already holding, hang on, and one of our...
@lisasharkey Hold time is currently about 45 minutes, much longer than normal but we're assisting as quickly as we can. Please hang on.
@ShawSports ...crew and aircraft availability.
@ShawSports This morning's cancellations are a spillover from yesterday's bad weather--previous delays and cancellations impacted...
@pixelscreen We'll always look for ways that we can improve.
@abchirsch ...tweet, to prevent others from having access to your reservation information.
@abchirsch Please continue to hold, our agents will assist ASAP. Wait time is currently about 35 minutes. You may want to delete your...
@LeslieKirschner Hi Leslie. You'll need to give us a call so we can resolve this. Hold time is currently about 35 minutes.
@justplaneray Oh, it's saved--though it's not a day we want to relive anytime soon. :-)
@MKlausner We're glad our crewmembers could help get your #vacay off to a good start. Thanks for taking time to compliment them!

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