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@RaphaelSbarge 'Once Upon a Time' Raphael flew JetBlue Mint, and they lived happily ever after. 🎉
@RaphaelSbarge Lookin' comfy, Raphael! Guess you and JetBlue are "mint" to be! ;)
@JBass81 Good to hear! Thanks for cruisin' with us!
@JBCohenPHD Set up alerts so you can be informed of when jobs open up!
@BigLouBruno Beeeeautiful! Thanks for sharing! #SoFly
@JBCohenPHD Find all job listings here:
@raulroa That is simply incredible. If you tag #JetBlueSoFly we can have some more fun with your pic!
@dswalker12 Thank you! The more suggestions, the more likely we get more routes! :)
@crystallea Hmmmm... Maybe a hug? Everyone could always use a hug! Feel free to show her our tweet to verify the %50 off. :)
@crystallea Yes! You got that right. And you earn points for every dollar spent!
@dswalker12 Our routes are selected based off of what's best operationally. But we love suggestions! Send them here:
@chrisf41900405 We're so glad you did. Thanks for the feedback, Hunter!
@taraherocat Thank YOU for letting us be your ride!
@chrisf41900405 We can promise you that our crew always has our customers safety in mind and it's our number one priority.
@chrisf41900405 Oh no! Sorry about that! Did the flight attendants keep you informed on what the smell was?
@chrisf41900405 We're sorry to hear that, Hunter! What went wrong?
@crystallea Haha, we love it! Cheer up, lad. 😃
@aisayn We're happy to hear it, Nyasia! Thanks for letting us be your ride!
@SteveLiv01 Feel free to ask any of our airport crewmembers for details!
@barryedit Beautiful! Enjoy the views, Barry! And don't forget the snacks. #yum

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