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@sweetdiver12 This made our night! Thanks for such a nice compliment.
@iluminaty You're so welcome!
@TheWritingDiva Woo hoo! Really glad to hear that, Robbi.
@VictoriaKhamsom Sleep well!
@nohashtagellis Clever wordplay is scientifically proven to improve sleep. :-) Thanks for the compliment!
@LisaPure Couldn't agree more! But if it doesn't...we have many daily departures back to Florida. :-)
@DrJeffreyP Well on his way to exceeding the level of Jedi master, he is! Awesome, that is. Hmmmmmm. ;)
@SalvadorRods ...had factors not related to the aircraft. Safety is and will always be our top priority. 2/2
@SalvadorRods Yes, we fly the Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. The Airbus has a stellar safety record. Please remember recent incidents... 1/2
@blacbyrd Check and check! We'll make sure your feedback is passed along. Thanks for the details!
@Hi_ImAj So much fun! We're glad to have the honors for your first flight.
@blacbyrd see improved at JFK? We'll make sure they're passed on if you share them! 2/2
@blacbyrd We definitely don't want to see you straying because operations aren't top notch. Do you have specifics on what you'd like... 1/2
@blacbyrd Oh no! Which airport are you at tonight? We'll notify airport leadership so additional training can occur.
@Casualtravelist Thanks for the details! We'll make sure he gets your compliment!
@Casualtravelist Thanks for letting us know! We love to hear about our fabulous crew. Care to share the specifics? We'll pass it along!
@The_Gooz We know just how frustrating delays can be. Hang in there, we'll have you on your way as quickly as possible.
@JenCen11 Thanks for hanging in there.
@ItsLaLoca Yummy, enjoy!
@Mfs2K Well, then... guess we'll just have to fill in the details with our own imagination. 😉 Must have been pretty sweet!

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