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@toddallenburke Six hours? That's exciting news for us too! We always want to look our best when we're going to be spending time with you!
@___vryan We're glad your experience was great! We love you so fast too! Hope to see you again!
@sjbroe We're aware of the connectivity issues at T5 and are working to improve them. For assistance managing your flight call 800-JetBlue.
@lisajetterz And you're hopping on to work so I can go to bed, right? ;-) ^jh
@diligentliving You can find the best number to call us at here: Or, if it's a baggage claim:
@alexxpiinksz to give feedback, and it's more than 140 characters' worth, you can use this link:
@alexxpiinksz We're glad you enjoyed the #FlyFi at least. We'd love a chance to address what's made you upset. If you decide you'd...
@alexxpiinksz Is there something we can help you with?
@mdickter We hope so too. Sorry again that you don't have it yet.
@CourtneyBrookeB Sorry for the delay. Your crew will provide updates as they become available.
@JakeConiglio Guessing you're referring to our new Mint experience? Thanks for such a nice compliment!
@mdickter Sorry about your lost bag, and for our slow reply. Have you filed a baggage claim?
@MarielMendoza Bummer! Check with the flight crew; if they can't fix it or reseat you they can help you get a credit for the inconvenience.
@MarielMendoza You know it's a good flight when sleep is the backup plan on a redeye. Enjoy!
@mikegr22 Nope. But good try, it never hurts to ask! Thanks again. :-)
@LBorgogna On behalf of whichever of our crewmembers helped you, we say, it was our pleasure! :-)
@JMSesq15 We know our TV's and #FlyFi are great amenities to the flight and are sorry you didn't get to experience them. #secondchances
@lisajetterz @anishachadda Welcome to our world! We LOVE it here and are so glad you flew with us tonight. #Comebacksoon
@lisajetterz Hey Lisa Lou! What ya up to? Flying around at this time of night? Enjoy your weekend party! #Weddedbliss
@Diane_7A Seems we left our Flux capacitor back in 1955. #oops

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