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@kylecarknee We're waiting for the aircraft to arrive from RDU and it hasn't taken off just yet. It should arrive at 10:58 pm.
@seecarlashoot We'll keep you distracted with TV, internet, and unlimited snacks!
@NDodson88 There are no satellites to ping off of over the water, and requires land connectivity.
@jakebeckman Right on!
@kylecarknee What flight are you on tonight? We'll get an update for you.
@NickGinzburg That's a bummer! Hoping for the best today!
@jakebeckman No judging here! Don't be shy!
@NickGinzburg You can view our channel line up here: If a channel isn't working it could be out of satellite range.
@bethanieh We're waiting on Air Traffic Control. There are some comfy chairs at the end of gate 15 you could try sleeping on.
@bethanieh Ah, that's not any fun. Which flight are you waiting on?
@GetStirredUp We appreciate the feedback. Hang in there.
@jakebeckman Unlimited snacks FTW!
@Emi_Soe Oh, miserable! Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Air Traffic Control.
@GetStirredUp Our team is working to get you in the air as soon as possible. We do apologize, we are just wrapping up routine maintenance.
@91Elmendorf Ah, sorry to hear about that - that couldn't have been fun for either of you. We appreciate the feedback, however!
@Emi_Soe Have a great flight!
@GetStirredUp Sorry to hear that! Which flight are you waiting on?
@dine_and_dash Love it! (In related news, we also love #FlyFiSelfies! 😉)
@Emi_Soe Right now, looks like we are waiting for Air Traffic Control to clear us for boarding.
@Emi_Soe ...add it to your reservation. 2/2

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