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@JustinPStratton If it's flight 1171, then the answer is very likely a yes! Check this out:
@FrankLynchBkln ...under our current platform. There are updates coming. 3/3
@FrankLynchBkln ...airport. We'll pass this along to our IT team for further review. It may be an issue that hasn't been resolved... 2/3
@FrankLynchBkln Unfortunately we don't have an immediate solution besides a mobile boarding pass via our app, or printing one at the... 1/3
@FrankLynchBkln Sorry you're still having trouble with the site. What error message are you receiving?
@AirlineFlyer Yes please!
@AirlineFlyer What a great way to spend your day! You know we always love your company!
@skyvan You're welcome. Have a great night!
@skyvan Hi Andrew. You should be able to access the November menu after midnight tonight.
@jhshifris11 Thanks Josh! You too!
@KATEWOW Thanks so much for the shout-out Kathryn! We'll gladly give Jose the recognition he deserves.
@theMaxKirby @ezra802 Hi Max. Glad you're enjoying our #FlyFi experience!
@ryanlamon_ Yay! Thanks for flying with us today Ryan. Have a great night!
@JustinMichael @ABC @ABCSharkTank Darn it! 😔
@JustinMichael Sorry Justin. Unfortunately ABC has not given us permission to show their feed.
@HonorUA93 You have a great imagination, Imagine a porch light! ;)
@cninilsson 🎃👻
@lalalalaurs Cheers! 👻
@HonorUA93 Looking fabulous, Lina!

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