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@allanpaolov Looks like you're all set for a great flight. Enjoy!
@valeriekumma The great thing about free is you still get your full money's worth on half a flight. :) Thanks for using #FlyFi to say hello!
@NLB130 We would also love to avoid cancelling any flights if possible! You can keep an eye on your flt's status at
@TheDavidNguyen Have a great flight! Praisers gonna praise praise praise praise praise...
@daisyfrancesca Good morning! Have a great flight!
@Kat_Wilde Those early birds are hunting for the elusive worms. They should've flown with us--they'd get free chips!
@hustler4life_ Less than a week! Sounds like an awesome trip. Oh, and we're a GREAT airline! ;-)
@DarthDaisy ...anything on Friday, please ask. 2/2
@DarthDaisy It's important to us to provide great service, on the phone, at the airport, and onboard. If you need assistance with... 1/2
@mis_ebony We're sorry to hear that. If you'd like to provide more specific details, you can DM us and we'll follow up with you.
@mis_ebony Is there something we can assist you with?
@A_Millspaugh That's one heck of a team! Round of applause from us, for sure.
@nycstudiowanted We shou7ld've been more specific with our "tomorrow!" Watch for our tweet indicating the promotion has begun.
@heatherriva ...correct that as quickly as they can. 2/2
@heatherriva Hi Heather. Thanks for complimenting our pilot, and sorry about the delay in getting you off the plane. Our crew will... 1/2
@DeKoning Sorry about that Brian! Our crew will correct the issue as quickly as they can.
@doworkboston Thanks Drew. We'll pass along the compliment to Captain Klein. Thanks for weathering the storm with us tonight.
@benjtran114 Sorry Ben. We'd like more information so we can look into this. Please leave us a detailed note at:
@Candzbee Happy birthday Candice! We're sorry the delay today! We're glad the TV and WiFi made up for it! Thanks for the love! 💙
@dejaff Thanks Devon. We'll be sure to share your compliment with Captain Liebel and First Officer Holt. Thanks for flying with us.

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