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@GitRDoneLarry hey larry. How are ya?
@vrobles21 this is me. :)
RT @Clint_Black: @JessicaNorthey CQ4 #CMchat I was walking in the moonlight, seeing #NothingButTheTaillights
RT @GitRDoneLarry: @CountryMusikMan @JessicaNorthey @Clint_Black I'm singin' "Like the Rain" into my hairbrush as we speak! I take requests…
@JeriLRyan yes. What a really great surprise. I want expecting that. Will done Disney/Jolie
RT @inowgb: TopMention(3hrs) 1:@JessicaNorthey 2:@RayJ 3:@PentagonPresSec 4:@neilhimself 5:@MarthaRaddatz 6:@JenSwirsky 7:@APathAppears ..
RT @CMchatLIVE: #ICYMI: #CMchat and @JessicaNorthey hung out with @Clint_Black tonight! Here is the comprehensive wrap-up!…
.@Clint_Black Thank YOU, Clint :D. This was a dream come true! #CMchat
RT @Clint_Black: This was a lot of fun tonight! Thanks to @JessicaNorthey and everyone that joined us. #CmChat
RT @Clint_Black: @JessicaNorthey Right here on Twitter or Facebook. #cmchat
@Clint_Black what is the best way for people keep up with you? #CMchat
COMMUNITY Q6 Who is one star you wish you could say #IDo with? USE #CMchat & CQ6 in your answer.
RT @Clint_Black: @ryanoscott @JessicaNorthey @the_USO We love the troops and all of those who come to our rescue at home. Heroes, All! #CMc…
RT @ben_gallaher: Awesome #cmchat with the man himself @Clint_Black! #killintime #whenmyshipcomesin #nothinbutthetaillights @JessicaNorthey
CQ5 first love = Chris Trickle. #CMchat #LikeTheRain
RT @CMchatLIVE: How about a whole lot of RTs to thank @Clint_Black & congratulate him on the 25th anniversary of #KillinTime?! #CMchat
COMMUNITY Q5 #LikeTheRain, who was the first person you ever fell for? USE #CMchat & CQ5 in your answer.
RT @Clint_Black: @JessicaNorthey Please check out! You can learn about my charity as well as help many others. #cmch…
@Clint_Black is there anything you'd like to add? #CMchat

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