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@sneezeguard iam so grateful for you & thank god for you everyday.
@EmilyAnnWells @sneezeguard @CMchatLIVE
I love this man @sneezeguard. My life is a better place with him in it. #cmchat
RT @billyjayp: @JessicaNorthey @CMchatLIVE sounds like a "hold my beer and watch this" moment...
@mrBobbyBones @ProducerEddie what's eddie's #? just asking, for a friend. #CMchat
@mrBobbyBones @ProducerEddie THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH! xoxoxox #CMChat
RT @ProducerEddie: Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, periscope. All @ProducerEddie #CMchat htt…
RT @mrBobbyBones: @JessicaNorthey @ProducerEddie call Eddie on his cell! or here on twitter #CMChat
Hit RETWEET to say thanks to @bobbybones @ProducerEddie AKA @RagingIdiots for being amazing guests tonight on COUNTRY MUSIC's #CMchat!
I love a little pumpkin pie with my whipped cream & sweet potato marshmallow concoction. #CMChat CQ6
YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS: @mrbobbybones @producereddie starring in @RagingIdiots - "When I Grow Up" Music Vid #CMchat
@MrBobbyBones @ProducerEddie What is the best way for people keep up with you both? #CMchat
@mrBobbyBones @ProducerEddie hey! i love red, TV land & am sitting in bar right now listening to cake, the band. #CMchat
RT @ProducerEddie: @JessicaNorthey @mrBobbyBones I'm shocked that they want to know this much about us.
RT @mrBobbyBones: @JessicaNorthey @ProducerEddie My favorite color is Red, I love TV LAND, and Im eating cake right now. thats it! #CMChat
YEP! We have a whole brand new house to fill with stuff. #CMchat CQ5 #MovingPains
@MrBobbyBones @ProducerEddie Is there anything we haven’t asked you about that you think fans should know? #cmchat
@ProducerEddie @gilstem @mrBobbyBones OEMGEE that's what I had for dinner. Eddie we're twinzies. #CMchat
RT @mrBobbyBones: Q11 Ive been lucky. Ive always known I wanted to do radio/tv/comedy etc. Cant remember not knowing #CmChat…
In case you haven't bought yet check out @mrBobbyBones & @ProducerEddie @RagingIdiots NEW EP #RagingKidiots #CMchat

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