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- BIG FAVOR can you spare half a minute & 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟? My best ...
Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite. <3
RT @jodeemessina: A6a Probably savory. I used to be a big sweets person, but I don’t cave into that temptation anymore. #CMChat https://…
@JenSwirsky I just realized this one didn't have the @ symbol. Oops #cmchat @
headed to the NORTHWEST SIDE of town tonight for some LakiBilly Curtis. Hope you will join and come see what...
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@TheAndrewPope cool bacon! let me know when we can listen to it. <3 #CMchat
RT @AutumnCalabrese: @JessicaNorthey #CMChat you can find here!
@AutumnCalabrese @GreyGoose me too! what do you drink it with? #NotJudgingAtAll #cmchat
RT @AutumnCalabrese: Q4B #CMChat Oh, and there might be a bottle of @GreyGoose vodka in there too 😳! #dontjudge
RT @AutumnCalabrese: Q2 #CMChat A dream come true & a bit surreal! She is so talented- I've been a fan since college. I jammed to her CD dr…
@JoDeeMessina What's your favorite way to keep up with your fans? #CMChat
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@AutumnCalabrese What is your favorite social media platform to stay in touch with fans? #CMChat #COuntryHeat
Q6 @AutumnCalabrese What is people's biggest "mistake/s" in the gym? #CMChat via @cassielynnwells #CountryHeat
RT @jodeemessina: A4: I have 2 pieces of Cocoa Puffs that I’m crunching in my mouth right now. I’m pouring for my son! Busted! #CMChat http…
RT @AutumnCalabrese: #CMChat #WearWhere A @FreePeople romper - taking a short break from the set of my cooking show, FixAte, coming soon! h…
Q6 JoDeeMessina Heads Savory, Tails Sweet, which do you prefer? #CMChat via @BillyShawJr #CountryHeat
what are you studying @jodeemessina? #cmchat

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