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@AP @VP can you please muzzle that blithering idiot?
Unlike Trump the NFL and owners haven't declared bankruptcy #TheRatingsAreGood
@drterrysimpson I don't think I've ever been to New Jersey. So I will have to trust her
@bananababe44 @Walmart
Most WalMart employees require food stamps to survive. Now give them the keys to your house. What could go wrong?
RT @sangerkatz: This is not true.
@HoneybHolistic @barbary And they left the door open to future collaboration
When people post photos of stranger's kids on Instagram
LifeLock offers to protect you from the Equifax breach — by selling you services provided by Equifax - LA Times
Best cease and desist ever ht @barbary
@LAPDChiefBeck @LAPDHQ When I told @Asm_Nazarian about it as my primary neighborhood concern he said "you should se…
. @LAPDChiefBeck 6 massage parlors w/in 2 blocks of my home with trafficked teens. No one listens at @LAPDHQ
@Ohdoctah You watched!
@GavinNewsom @jacksonlatka Pregnancy: whores Newborns: parasites Mental health services: kooks RX drugs: try a coup…
Brands need to rethink using "nude" as a color because this doesn't look anything like a nude leg to me.
This is really boring but you will probably watch it anyhow because there is a dog and a cat
Dear World, We are sorry. He is an embarrassment. Signed, Sane Americans
Best part of being at the epicenter of a mild earthquake? Watching the swimming pool splash. Don't forget to go outside and look! #mydayinla
@ajfeuerman @DannyDeraney @jspepper Welp. It looks like my house is basically the epicenter. So the cat is satans spawn after all.
I blame @jspepper because @ajfeuerman says so.

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