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Hi kids. Sorry I texted you porn at school today. #parentingfail
@Ohdoctah @Delta we found someone who was more helpful and got the computer back. Not dazzled.
@TravelSavvyMom @Delta we found it! And thank you xoxo
Womanhood ≠ preexisting condition #ObamacareInThreeWords
We have the computer. I repeat. We have the computer. Hooray!!!!
@Delta I know one of you wants to be my own personal hero(ine)
sos @Delta my husband left his laptop on your airplane today and he's been told that you have to wait a month to hear from somebody. Help!
@geargals I mean his. It was dawn - doing the best I can...
This is the cringiest yet. Follow her whole thread. #campaign
@femalemsktr also crowd funding is not my thing. They've all been disapointments.
RT @femalemsktr: @JessicaGottlieb I can't think of the last time a personal panic button was a headline news story, except if you're 85 fal…
@femalemsktr what do you think?
@femalemsktr I'm slackjawed. I get it if you're an epileptic but the world really isn't all that scary...
RT @teeco71: "It's just me now. BIG, BAD #Lucifer" he forgot sexy.... @tomellis17 @LuciferonFOX @LUCIFERwriters
@davejshea because I'm shallow.
@davejshea mostly I just smirked and was like, "yay! I'm thin. I fit!"
Rumor has it that Peanut is a bit of a diva & has requested a new rhinestone collar as she's now famous.…
@davejshea or leased! I give exactly zero fucks.
@lauriepercival @rgottlieb1 @LillyGottlieb I... I.... how do I love you and Robert in spite of your terrible taste? I'm a martyr. Obviously.
@davejshea it's not my favorite car. What's the fix? Also it's red not maroon. I washed it once in 2015...

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