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RT @adventurecorps: Download the latest Silver State 508 magazine! 44 pages of #epic #ultra #cycling awesomeness! ht…
@rockmaven56 cool. Looking forward to seeing them on a screen larger than the viewfinder! :)
@rockmaven56 awesome. Can't wait to see them! Got some great shots of you, too!
Thank you @5Ten for sponsoring #jtreetweetup this year! #climb @rockgrrl
"Finding prospects has gotten easier. Getting and keeping them has become harder..." - Germaine #partnercon13
@SendGrid Excellent. Thanks for the update!
@sendgrid_ops Any updates on this? @SendGrid Been 8 hours now... :|
@sudarkoff Ye arrrrrgh right!
Blogged! Disabling Controls on a Brightcove Video - At last, we figured out how to disable the playback controls o... All is well from the trail! - Jeremy
In the past two months, 340k apps changed their titles in the app store. #funfact #wipjam @wipjam #appnation4
@uberconference Cool! Nicely done @alexcornell! The hold music is fantastic. It's a little treat for those who show up for conference calls.
Come on @United, you're not allowing my @TripIt PRO account to track my points? Are you trying to make travel more difficult? #freemypoints
Blogged! Unmerging Two Contacts on Android - One day, I went to email a contact on my Android tablet, and as I start...
Okay, the on-hold music for @uberconference is freakin' awesome. Kudos to whoever wrote these tunes!
@TheGearcaster thanks! Great to meet you, too. What a small world! :-) All is well from the trail! - Jeremy All is well from the trail! - Jeremy
I just registered for the 2013 International #CES. Join me @IntlCES in Las Vegas to check out the big bang of innovation!

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Real estate investor and entrepreneur from Boston now living in California. I invest, rock climb, cook, and run!

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