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@LIVESTRONG_COM Is Livestrong still supporting MyPlate app? Can the phone app sync with desktop app? It's easier to enter info via keyboard.
In case you were wondering about multivitamin expiration dates: figure 2 years after date of manufacture.
Sometimes I get distracted, and of course that usually
I have a suspicion that G-d is running an A/B test scenario and what we call "life on earth" is just one element.
@TheHouseOfSongs Looks like your twitter got hijacked. Change your password.
"Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" And then the Attorney General lied. #AlternativeFacts #Resist
Do many customers actually put up with this abysmal level of support? I don't. @HGSupport @HostGator
@HGSupport Site Builder still down. How do you stay in business? HostGator ignores my pleas for better service, but your competition didn't.
@HGSupport New customer here, 2 days. SiteBuilder down both days. Called support 4x ea 30min+ hold. Rocky start. Should I cancel now? Yikes.
@HostGator New customer, 2 days. Both days SiteBuilder down. 4 calls to support, each = 30min+ on-hold. Should I stay or should I go? Yikes!
@HostGator New user here, 2 days. SiteBuilder down both days. Called 4 times, 30min hold each call. Rocky start to this relationship. Yikes.
Phoned my US senators to demand investigation of Russian involvement in election. You can too! @JohnCornyn @tedcruz
You too can buy your very own herd of United States Senators. Now just $200 million!
@TMobileHelp What was the source of the problem?
The evidence I've collected is mostly anecdotal. But there appears to be a strong link between (a) being famous and (b) ending up dead.
Just learned that Austin Public Library is closing for first three days of Chanukah. Nice inclusive gesture! Way to go, @AustinPublicLib!
@TMobileHelp I'm the 200th person to tweet about this problem. Do you really need a DM from each individual customer?
iPhone6s+ continually resets time zone to "Etc/GMT," but I'm in Central. What's up, @TMobileHelp??
Knitzvah Project: Volunteers knit/crochet caps & scarves for those in our community who need them most. Learn more:…
Obtained today through WikiLeaks, plans for Trump Presidential Library suggest less emphasis on books than previous…

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