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First time since Christmas we've been together. I'm back to LA today and Jon's back to Kansas City… http://t.co/kQqDGHz8vr
Breakfast with Pops this morning before heading back to LA. #jamesarthurray #family #grateful http://t.co/sSvm5NCCro
Failure is an opportunity 2 adjust & move forward more intelligently. http://t.co/XoMvRStC8z #jamesarthurray #michaeljordon #awakening
Passion is Latin for suffering. Compassion is "common suffering" & u can't really have it unless u've experienced it. http://t.co/VX2ViDe9Td
I find that those who have fought many battles & experienced much suffering to be the most resourceful & compassionate. Those who have...
I'm having a very challenging week with family illness and attempting to make the right decisions with a VERY resistant parent. There is...
I love Dropbox because All my team can access everything at any time https://t.co/vyCijYwgyS
True wealth is a zest & a love 4 the experience of Life, all of it. The ups & the downs, the good & the bad. http://t.co/1bbYCGxbfh
True wealth is not an external possession, it's an internal realization. http://t.co/kUlSrJGfpx #jamesarthurray #truewealth #harmonicwealth
Okay. So I'm usually met at the door when I come home. Came home and no Sunshine. Called her name and… http://t.co/rtVBV7Qm0q
Mistakes, like failure, are a man made concept. Both are actually natural human opportunities to learn and grow. http://t.co/LEfSTTzYQu
Failure is a man made concept. All so-called failure is an opportunity to learn. http://t.co/sMepeoYFMH #jamesarthurray #michaeljordan
What appears to be frightening is actually enlightening. New blog. James on Alchemy Part 7. http://t.co/86hvWlylWs #jamesarthurray
When you're troubled you're actually close to the answer. New blog. James on Alchemy part 7 http://t.co/XkWDhyyh4S #jamesarthurray
Whatever you must do, do quickly. #jamesarthurray The right moment http://t.co/4IAfPvMKM3
@YourLifesTweet Actually both come in equal pairs my friend. Cannot be otherwise #jamesarthurray
A disturbing yet enlightening insight. New blog; James on Alchemy Part 7 http://t.co/AAkaQYfws3 #jamesarthurray #truealchemy #jamesrayblog
A little insight that’s disturbing, yet enlightening: James on Alchemy Part 7 http://t.co/1u4LeXbHOW
I go away for the weekend and I come home to a brand new fully organic garden my sweetie made for us.… http://t.co/OOu3neOvS4
Thought I'd sneak I a little computer work this morning buts kinda tough. I guess Energy missed her… http://t.co/RQcjRO1g4U

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