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You must be wiling to let go of what is to allow for that which is waiting to emerge. http://t.co/RB15EflKln #jamesarthurray #thefall
Often those who attempt 2 B positive in their own lack of understanding R the most negative of all. Something 2 ponder #jamesarthurray...
My classic book FREE as a token of gratitude. http://t.co/Nfs3rvthQX #jamesarthurray #mentor
... Anything that is suppressed will be expressed in later days and uglier ways. #jamesarthurray #mentor
Mentoring statement, I'm angry! How do I get past it? Answer: be angry & it will pass. #mentor #jamesarthurray
We all have basically the same questions about Life. FREE BOOK. "The Answers to Life's Most Burning Questions" http://t.co/yuJ4q0K7Ig 
Do you have Life questions? Possible answers. FREE BOOK http://t.co/HIdiasOrpr #jamesarthurray #mentor
We ALL have the same questions in Life. My classic book as a FREE GIFT of gratitude. http://t.co/1XLfsI6uQW Enjoy! #jamesarthurray #freebook
FREE BOOK! The Answers to Life's Questionshttp://ow.ly/w3tz0 #jamesarthurray #gratitude
@SamaraVHamilton Oh Samara... you're asking the wrong guy on anything technical =) Give it a shot. Good luck! ~ JAR
@syramalg Oh... I have to learn to read backward =). Have a great day
@syramalg Good Morning... is it Syra?
@dollfacejessie Jessie, I was just quoting the authors own words in her review of my book Harmonic Wealth. It's pretty good. Much love.
Morning guys! I've found that we all have basically the same questions of Life. Please accept my… http://t.co/CJvVMG5NIR
@JeanCBrown Jean I'm sorry that you continue to be a product of media programming. I wish you all the best. Much love #jamesarthurray
FREE BOOK. "The Answers to Life's 11 Most Burning Questions" go to http:// http://t.co/Q8xBBmffn9… http://t.co/vPv2hcu0Ox
FREE BOOK. "The Answers to LIfe's Most Burning Questions." http://t.co/UgM7X5mYvf In gratitude. #jamesarthurray #freebook #burningquestions
@americandream09 Please do Jeffery. Hope you enjoy it! #jamesarthurray
Hey guys. I have a FREE BOOK for you.http://t.co/LRvfzgLyvl Enjoy! #jamesarthurray
@americandream09 I wonder if the person who opened it had a weird program or something? Thanks for your help. Should have it back up soon

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