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@ jimmychoo1958 -You don't have direct messages enabled. Yawdchat is a site that features Jamaican Artists & Frens from around the world.
Updating the site! Getting ready to add a new Jamaican artist to our new Twitter category! www.yawdchat.com
bwoy.... I thought I could hang out on here for a bit...but my eyes ar shutting! I'm so freakin tired!!! I'll try to catch up tomorrow!
Good Evening fellow twitter peeps! It's been a crazy week in the advertising world ... trying to catch up!!
@TamikiaT Oh my lawd....my real job had me runnin like a crazy lady for the past week! I will be making some site updates this weekend!
Gnite and sweet dreams..... One love! :-)
I'm finally heading off to sleep... fi real!!!!
Time to get some sleep... gnite all :-)
OMG... I'm now talking to myself! This twitter meks peeps crazeeeee!!! LOL
I think you're just doing what you think is the right thing...even though it's really not!
Ok... I PROMISE.... new update on the site this week! www.yawdchat.com
Thinking of the nice weekend ahead! And praying that all the negativeness stays away! Be happy Mon!!!
I'm sitting here up late and having an issue in fallin alseep! I have sooo much to do, but not really wanting to do it!!
@jamediamark I'm really HATING the bag charges ... juss not right! :-(
@LeRoyLive No.... Nice Girls Finish Last!! LOL
@Khytez I have no clue what your latest comment is about... but it has me rollin with laughter!! lol
goin to brew up some gooood Jamaican coffee... bob
reading to many news tweets..have a serious headache now!
good morning mi jamaican frens!
@JamaicaTravel HI!! I forgot what comment that was...LOL . Sorry I haven't been around much.... dealing with chaos of the heart!

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