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Carter and Grant Shih Uses Tech to Upgrade Shopping | Sync Magazine https://t.co/HIlnyMnijJ https://t.co/I07II0czPC
Why the #subscription #economy is unfair! via @trackmysubs https://t.co/S73F7PvDlg https://t.co/ZiP3P18xb9
The Cool Tools Podcast: Learn about uncommonly good tools and goods you can buy! #sale #cooltools… https://t.co/DrG4n2k1J8
'Startup as Painkiller: Money Solves Everything' https://t.co/tjmx6F8aZ5 CEO of @beecanvas
2014: 16% of republicans say Russia is a friend. 2017: 56% of republicans say Russia is a friend. Y'all crazy and brain lazy.
Atlanta Lawyer Says: How to Stop Debt Collectors Calling Wrong Number & Get Paid https://t.co/1gqLfwypsq
Atlanta Lawyer Says: Fastest Way to Stop Debt Collector Calls https://t.co/0p4IWg3Lzj
Atlanta Lawyer Says: How To Stop Unwanted Calls To Your Cell in 2017 https://t.co/payeem7YdX
Atlanta Lawyer Says: 2 Words Used to Delete Credit Card Debt https://t.co/WkatNB8FG0
Atlanta Lawyer Says: 2016 How to Handle a Hit and Run Accident & Make Money! https://t.co/ZYibMwpUP2
Dear Rinse Penis, you suck. Thanks for memories.
Al Frankin for president.

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