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Today only Twitter sale on Halloween and Fall items http://bit.ly/BvF0G
Fine. No nap. Heading out to the studio. Don't forget my Halloween/Fall sale, today only http://jsglassart.com/products.php?cat=7
Just ate a big bowl of leftover stew for lunch. Now I'm too full to work...need a nap. Zzzzzzzzzzz
Twitter sale, today only! All Halloween and Fall items http://jsglassart.com/products.php?cat=7
Today only Twitter sale! All Halloween and Fall items http://bit.ly/BvF0G #beatcancer
RT @JillianMichaels Every tweet that has #beatcancer today raises money 4 cancer research - they're going for world record today. Please RT
Twitter sale! 15% off Halloween and Fall items. Today only http://bit.ly/BvF0G
Getting foggy outside. Does anyone else think of zombies when it's foggy? I'm having flashbacks to The Fog (80's version)
CGGE'rs...meeting in an hour!
Now that I'm caught up #beatcancer
Working on a spreadsheet. I love spreadsheets. I'm a spreadsheet whore.
Twitter Sale, today only! 15% off Halloween and Fall items http://bit.ly/BvF0G
I'm not loving the 90% humidity out there. When did I move to Florida?
Please vote for my deal on CheapTweet! http://chpt.me/29quopw
Twitter sale! Today only, 15% off Halloween and Fall items. http://jsglassart.com/products.php?cat=7
@ohanaglass Thanks! They were fun to make!
Why does it seem like the same people are following me over and over again. Why unfollow if you're just going to follow again?
Skulls and bats and ghosts, OH MY! http://bit.ly/191jTv
Lots of fog outside. I hope this means the heatwave is over and we're on our way to a beautiful Fall season.

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