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I nominate @pauldofficial for a Shorty Award in #blogger because he provides great info for filmmakers & photograhers http://t.co/qNcMy3uK
I nominate @pauldofficial for a Shorty Award in #weird because this video he made is WEIRD http://t.co/3uW52SQN http://t.co/16FdlilM
I nominate @pauldofficial for a Shorty Award in #director because I love this video he made http://t.co/3uW52SQN http://t.co/MQUoUB3k
RT @photorumors: First picture of the upcoming Olympus OM-D camera: On the first leaked picture of the Olympus OM-D camera we can... htt ...
"Master these rules then break every single one of them." - #creativelive http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"WRAP!' - #vincentlaforet #creativelive http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Things move smoothly if your attentive, you're patient & you just jump in when you're needed" http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes #creativelive
"If you have no budget, go outside and use the light' - #vincentlaforet http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"You can make a film about 2 people eating cucumber sandwiches in a library" - GT http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"There is no excuse for you to not make a cinematically releasable film" - GT http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Go and make your dream" - GT http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Treat filmmaking as something that's part of your soul" - GT http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Go out and make a movie with cameras you could rent from Sammy's Cameras for $100" GT http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive
"20% of entries at Sundance this year were shot on a 5D or 7D or 1D MkIV" http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"I like crappy lenses" - #vincentlaforet http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Photography is a moment with 4 corners" - #vincentlaforet http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Decent, it's not a word in my vocabluary" - #vincentlaforet http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Move your hips" - #vincentlaforet http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"Hiring the cheapest sound recordist possible is asinine" - #vincentlaforet http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet
"If you want to learn stop being a viewer" - #vincentlaforet http://cr8.lv/laforetquotes @creativelive @vincentlaforet

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