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Spring is here! What are you doing to get healthy this year? http://t.co/DJmr5SLB
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If you're considering a dental procedure to improve the appearance of your smile, here are some things to think about: http://t.co/VZVeQfZx
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Soft-head toothbrush or hard? Electric or hand-held? We've got your toothbrush answers here: http://t.co/v7vnuJa4
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There are many different ways to correct the appearance of your teeth. Here's more info about dental veneers http://t.co/ENfPibtX
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February is Children's Dental Health Month. Remember to keep your child's teeth clean and healthy. http://t.co/7vGdTpnx
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Most high school sports now require players to wear mouth guards, and for good reason! The importance of mouth guards: http://t.co/H3O5FIHi
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We're starting a team spotlight series so you can meet our great staff. First up: Patti! http://t.co/AaECPEkG
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Take care of your teeth, especially when drinking these popular drinks: http://t.co/Lxed4BDb
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Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season! http://t.co/lT5FrFss
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Ever wonder which toothpaste you should be using? Dr. Howell has the answer http://t.co/0PWqhGZC

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I am from Louisville and my practice has been in the St. Matthews area for 10+ years. My particular interest is in full rehabilitation, and cosmetic dentistry.

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