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To all graduates finishing high school or college this graduation season: #JA wishes you all the best in your future endeavors!
Science has just discovered the most effective way to learn. Read this before your next test! https://t.co/VYlNyaBuW3
#JuniorAchievement wants volunteers to help students reach their full potential in life!
Deciding on a major? This university asked its students to sell others on why their major is the best: https://t.co/QAqxpcouNs
“For many, simply working hard doesn’t actually lead to a better life.” https://t.co/nZVVBpMlCK
How cute are these third graders from Lakeview Elementary?! Thanks to Cortland Bank for volunteering! https://t.co/23YoIcdmLp
JA loves examples of people overcoming obstacles! Warren Buffett beat social anxiety with just one decision: https://t.co/4UIh46EwzS
Meet the rocket scientist who created a homeless shelter for – get this – college students. https://t.co/SJ5gCDBxCg
Thank you to our volunteers pictured for taking time out of your day to teach JA programs to 7th and 8th graders at… https://t.co/9Ac0l181He
“The startup collects … data, gains insights, and turns those insights into real value.” https://t.co/jfd0dovgcQ
RT @ymv_unitedway: #wcw #girlpower #YoungWomensMentorship #taftelementaryschhool @taftpromise @JAMV @SimonRoofing https://t.co/veL73tJSHL
#JA congratulates all graduates this graduation season. See how you can be mentors to those still in school at https://t.co/HYNbj6vx1O.
RT @vindicator: Young #entrepreneurs showed off their product ideas at @JAMV Innovation Challenge https://t.co/hpIGGdoFus https://t.co/32V…
RT @nfib_oh: In @vindicator @JAMV students show off their entrepreneurship skills at @youngstownstate https://t.co/sV0ZO9uDAs
RT @ymv_unitedway: Young Women's Mentorship Luncheon. All about lifting each other up! #liveunited #mentoring @JAMV @SimonRoofing @taftprom…
What do you think of this college that only makes money if its students earn a salary? https://t.co/ubWKY92af6
RT @vindicator: Youngstown student entrepreneurs compete in mock 'Shark Tank' event today https://t.co/NgQp1FURfO
"The results showed that there was a higher demand for STEM industry jobs than other fields.” https://t.co/FrJ2CeGAkj
Looking for a way to boost children’s #financialliteracy? Volunteer for your local #JuniorAchievement!
Thankful for our volunteers!! https://t.co/wbqRqYRGnp

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