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The 5 Biggest Moving Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)
Sometimes, black and white is the only color combination you need to make a statement.
@maryerobb Haha, loud upstairs neighbors are the worst!! Did it always just sound like they were rolling around bowling balls up there?
@maryerobb What a kind post! What inspired you guys to move in together on the fly?
True or false: There's no such thing as too many pillows.
@mm954 Great page you've got there -- we'll spread the word! Think you'd want to stop by our place sometime? Maybe learn a bit about design?
@mm954 Thanks for the response -- that's really awesome. Care if we ask what first led you to be interested in drawing and painting?
@mm954 This is beautiful!! Care if we ask what tools you use?
Home: There's no place like it.
@K_Thalin Sorry, just now saw this! We're so glad you stopped by. ☺ How was your visit?
@K_Hallsy Gotcha! It can take a while. If you ever need some help or are looking for inspiration, we hope you'll keep us in mind.
@notkillingme How sweet of him! Are you liking the new place so far?
@jakeashkinos Looks like fun! We've heard Osprey Point is a beautiful course -- do you usually golf there?
@FloridaCastles 😱 Ah! This would be scary -- have you already started decorating for Halloween?
@K_Hallsy Congrats on the new place! 😊 Have you started decorating?
@duhitskrys Niiice! Were there any weird noises you're still getting used to?
The Sunshine State: There's no place we'd rather call home.
@neelybeddoe We can tell -- you did a great job with his outfit! ☺ Have you always been interested in fashion and the arts?
@neelybeddoe That's wonderful to hear!! Did you help him pick out his outfit?
When you overhear a conversation about all of the unique pieces at Island City Traders.

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