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RT @TheTazpire: Columbia's greatest mind(s) - MCM expo #cosplay #bioshockinfinite #lutece @IrrationalGames @ohvaquer
Great Elizabeth cosplay from #burialatsea - by ringo-dono on #deviantart
RT @dumb_doge: #sandercohen fanart because I'm still a nerd for him. #bioshock @IGLevine
@masterofnerds So glad you like it!
The Bucking Bronco replica Vigor is available for pre-order - limited time introductory price
@SwiftOnSecurity Sorry to see that your poster was damaged. Send us an email and we will replace it for you -
@EmilyRFB You should check out Ken's talk with @Gamechurch
We restocked some #BioShockInfinite collectibles in the US store European restocks coming soon
RT @IGLevine: RT @ZaiditaMM I couldn't sleep so I figured I'd make my phone more interesting to look at.
The new Sony America flash sale includes #BioShockinfinite @playstation
RT @AngelaBermudezA: Loved this amazing T-Shirt of Songbird and Liz! Get your own here: @IGLevine @IrrationalGames h…
Check out this impressive Shodan PC - #SystemShock2
RT @dailycosplay: Check out this great Little Sister #cosplay by @Amiko_chan. #BioShock
@Atlantaville Hi Jon, sorry to hear that your code expired. If you send a ticket to 2K support we can remedy that
RT @IGLevine: RT @MnikaLee: I think I have an addiction... #Bioshock #BioShockinfinite
RT @jilliancosplays: Twitter needs some more #Lutece love. #BioShockInfinite #cosplay
A great Elizabeth cosplay thanks to @Eve_Beauregard - Don't forget to share your #BioShockinfinite cosplay photos too
RT @IGLevine: RT @CostasDetroit: Here's what you made me do - Share your #BioShock & #BioShockInfinite ink
Remember this in-game poster? - What's your favorite #BioShock or #BioShockInfinite art?

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Irrational Games is an award winning video game developer located in Boston, MA.

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