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RT @2K: Learn why BioShock is one of @TIME's 50 best games of all time
Today's BioShock's 9th Anniversary! We're Celebrating with 29% off in our store. Today only.
Check out this new shirt added to our store!
@Nuno_Lopes_ no multiplayer included on BioShock 2
@ErinSueKimbell @bioshock Awesome work!
@Ash999fps @bioshock @2Kgames thank you!
@Nerdwiththehat @QueenaussieSFX @BostonComicCon Adorable cosplay Liam and Bobby! :)
@Floppysnurp Hey Floppy, at the moment the poster is US only. Sorry about that!
@Nuno_Lopes_ Should be 1 and 2 for PC, all 3 for the consoles.
@cafjk @BioShockInfini @2K Thanks Kiko!
Starting today order The BioShock Collection and get your choice of Booker POP Figure free!
@GingerFrullet Appreciate the kind words Thomas!
@ZNathanson Thanks Zach!
@GingerFrullet We have a few things in the works for our store, especially art. More to come real soon.
RT @bioshock: How did the #BioShock Splicers come to be? Learn more about these twisted Rapture residents https://t…
@ZacIanSheridan Hey Zac, we havent recieved any messages from you on Facebook or email. Please email us at
@ZNathanson @GamingHeads They also have an awesome Big Daddy coming!
@ArkhamBound @TroyBakerVA This is a good cosplay tip Courtney! Thanks! :)
@Bonacorso15 Unfortunately not at this time. Send your resume to so we can it on file when we do! :)
@PsychoHydro @bioshock @IGLevine Thanks Alexa!

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