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Check out this amazing fan made real life air grabber: - #BioshockInfinite
Going to #PAXEast ? Stop by the @2K booth for #bioshockinfinite merchandise, including this exclusive Songbird poster
Only 24 hours left for our Spring Sale. Don't miss out. #BioShockInfinite
To celebrate the launch of Burial at Sea - Episode 2 we're having a spring sale on art and collectibles. Check it out
Check out this great take on Elizabeth - share your BioShock cosplays too #BioshockInfinite
Our fans are amazing. Keep sending us all your fan art, cosplay, and #BioShockMemories. Enjoy Burial at Sea - Episode Two!
RT @OneLetter: 3PM Eastern - I'm going to give out a ton more #BioShockInfinite XBL Avatar Codes to my followers. Spread the word!
@CosmoEpoch Considering we're basically in year 17 now, doubtful.
The Portal team handled that one quite well. RT @Rokirtech: @IrrationalGames @jimbonney where is the cake song...?
Want to learn more about "The Pie Song", and a few others from #BurialAtSea? Learn from @jimbonney here:
Nessfull on reddit had some free time on his hands during Math class. Decided to create this TI-83 masterpiece:
@darkdemon8910 Hopefully!
Please note the @IrrationalGames Store will not be closing. New items will continue to be released, and existing orders will be shipped.
@Altessaire Please contact Aspyr Media, as they are responsible for the Mac version:
Has anyone completed all 80 achievements (or 81 trophies) for #BioShockInfinite? Share your accomplishment. #BioShockMemories
.@Aicosupre is back with another fantastic #BioShockInfinite cosplay, as battle-damaged Booker & Elizabeth:
@jermlikespie There are no current plans to do so.
Thank you to all our fans that have sent in their favorite #BioShockMemories. Keep them coming, and we hope you enjoy #EpisodeTwo.
@MouldzGamingHD If you search through "New Releases" in the PSN store, can you find it / download there?
@PCNS82 If you search through "New Releases" in the PSN store, can you find it / download there?

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