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Theory of Relativity #Einstein #100
Racism is Gross and Petty
"@MungenCakes: @Teressa_Raiford Behind their calm, reasonable demeanors they are protecting murderers. MURDERERS!" #Complicit
"@MungenCakes: @Teressa_Raiford The COAB is a pig service. They have NO intention of changing anything." not supposed to, the city owns us.
"@lc_blm: "We are here to show our LC alum Governor @OregonGovBrown that we will not stand for this.""
God damn it... The #kkk in full regalia in front of the @Nike store in #PDX #MLK
I can give you my attorneys number"@KXLNews: @Teressa_Raiford Would you be willing to talk with me about this? 503-51-6286. @ChrisAtKXL"
Is the Klan recruiting in Gresham?
I'm sick from all the political fuckery around youth education. When children have issues at school, contact a guardian. #EndBlaxploitation
FACT "@blkliquidfluid: Bc we are more focused on jargon &don't really give a fuck about investing in practice."
Portland #PDX Police Commissioner Charlie Hales withdrew his bid to run for Mayor again
#WakeUp Righteous Laws are Overdue "@CurtisScoon: How can you trust any "leader" who gets funding and instructions from your oppressor?"
I want to"be"educated"in everything so I can know my path??? Thats depends on where you get educated #INeedABluePrint not #MisEducatiom
Is there a #BlackLivesMatter Political Scorecard? @HillaryClinton @BernieSanders?? @democracynow
"@ImaniMuhammad: @Yamiche @Teressa_Raiford @NBCNews #justiceorelse" Absolutely!!!
"@_Almaqah: @2LiveUnchained this is why I stayed home" yes, this part.. ...

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