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just closed a deal using #AdobeSign
'Game of Thrones' fans have a fascinating theory about the future of the Night's Watch in Season 8
‘Larger than usual' ad fraud on exchanges prompts Google to offer advertiser refunds
Social media is helping police make arrests related to the violence in Charlottesville
Meet today's CMO: Multisport athlete
French President paid €26,000 for make-up, and the french are like 'non merci'
China's latest bullet trains will reach a blazing 400 km/h, faster than the Hyperloop One
Marketing Day: Store landing pages, lead nurturing & LinkedIn video
All your favorites are meeting in the 'Game of Thrones' finale and there's gonna be a rumble
Marketing Day: Robots replacing marketers, interactive native content & more
Hackers just sent us practically all of HBO's social media passwords
How to get developers to implement SEO recommendations
The only 'Game of Thrones' recap we need is one made with corgis
FTC-Uber data settlement subjects company to privacy audits for next 20 years
John Oliver: 'Idiot' Trump can't even disavow Nazis
Marketing Day: Content marketing strategies, B2B campaigns & D&B CMO Rishi Dave
How the heart-stopping music for blockbuster film trailers gets made
How soft calls to action will save your B2B campaigns
Even the best passwords are no match for this simple hack
Snapchat's Snapcodes decline in getting brands new followers, eclipsed by deep links

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