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Learn how to go from IoT prototype to product:
You think you know everything about #Android? Compare notes with experts on the Android Hub
Enter the Intel Ultimate Gaming Contest now for a chance to #win a new PC, a Robocraft prize package, and more!
Get Hands-On with the Intel IoT Developer Kit Using the Intel XDK
Why do Java developers wear glasses? Because they don't C#. #DevHumor
Two PCs, mystery prizes, and gold bars on the line in the Intel Ultimate Gaming Contest:
Are you an open source contributor? #Intel has dev tools for education here:
C# developers: what’s the output?
Intel #ModernCode Developer Challenge winner receives CERN internship!
What are the biggest #gamedev challenges? @VentureBeat asked @lmachen: #intelgamedev
What it feels like when your code compiles!
Programming is an extremely creative profession. It's logic-based creativity. -John Romero #DreamBig
The future of IoT being detailed by @RoseSchooler at #IntelIoT Asia Day
Start building with the Intel IoT Commercial Developer Kit:
A developer’s favorite game: bug smashing! #DevHumor
Java developers, here’s a puzzle for you: Why won’t this compile?
Win a new PC, mystery prizes, or gold bars in the Intel Ultimate Gaming Contest. Enter now!
Opening Up the World of Robotics: 'The Internet Of Toys'
Congrats Mathieu Gravey, winner of the #moderncode Developer Challenge! He advanced brain research at @CERNopenlab
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