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@Instrumentpieco always believe lowest rate with unlimited & uncompromised in quality.
Our ambition always follow next.
We are heartily thanking our valued purchasers who always with us and silently supporting us.
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Old 500 and 1000 Notes money ban in India. We welcome @narendramodi Modi PM for his bravery decision instead of facing financial crises.
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Ban @ 500 & @ 1000 notes we are accepting as a part of Clean India.This great decision accepted by us in-spite of lots of financial problem.
A revolutionary decision by . Mr. @Narendramodi_PM of India to ban @ 500 & @ 1000 Notes, we are welcoming with lots of financial problem.
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Required Mineral Insulated thermocouples> Call us or @ Email us pieco40@yahoo.com, instrumentsprocess@gmail.com

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Manufacturer,Distributor of Temperature Controller, Thermocouple,Solenoid Valve, Sequential Timer. Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Furnace.
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Process Instrumentation & Engineering Co.
Temperature Controller, Thermocouples, K' R' S' T' Rtds , Compensating Cables, Timers, Sequential Timers, Solenoid Valves, Air Pulsing Solenoid Valves, Bag filter timer 10chanel. PIT furnace, Bell Furnace, Laboratory Furnace, Heat treatment furnace, Electrical furnace, Humidity chamber, BOD Incubator, Laboratory Instruments, Heating element, spare and parts for furnace.

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