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RT @TechCrunch: gives you more options to share your posts on social networks
Starting up my business again and realise I have hundreds of new followers. Did a game called INGRESS come out while I was away?
how can you get a rammed earth property approved through council. You are promoting something that is illegal. #livingroom
@IanThorpe you probably won't read this, but what you have we have, you just have more fame and money. We love u. Shed light on us.
@131500trains 6.55am Melb train 2hrs late. Staff are smart asses when asked where is train "on the track" u call that customer service! Rude
@hollingsworth @martyatdell that is excellent news, thanks so much for your help
@hollingsworth @thewordpressguy @MartyAtDELL Do they work in house, will they come to us?
Finally reset my twitter password, now back online. Have I missed anything in the last 12 months?
@hollingsworth @thewordpressguy I am looking for an IT guy for Mac and pc + backup etc. Do you know anyone? Ad hoc work for small biz.
@sydneycafes Looking for Adwords Manager to take brief and run campaign, know anyone?
@build_website @thewpguy @sydneycafes back from the dead, sort of, do any of you know a good affordable adwords person for small biz?
@uncapideas: @cenkbaban @build_website see you tomorrow morning 8am
Locked in Eddie, 29 fri for breekie at Le Pain in Leichhardt @uncapideas @cenkbaban @build_website @ANight_in_Paris
@build_website @cenkbaban @uncapideas given past attendance I will not be at tomorrows #wscm but wld love 2 catch up 4 a chat maybe mthly?
RT @gourmetrabbit: The Rabbitzine is out! ▸ Top stories today via @good__eats @jdeplater @nuffnangAU @EmroyPrint
A must have RT @EmroyPrint Emroy – Print and Design| Left Handed Business Cards
@crust_pizza I logged into your website to order & cannot customise my Calzone like I used to, not the first time. Hello local take away.
@ANight_in_Paris @sydneycafes @uncapideas am at #wscm Le Pain Quotidien in Leichhardt 8am, join me for a coffee.
Ahhh first coffee at #wscm le pain quotidien in leichhardt, if you are in the area pop in.
Join us for coffee at #wscm Le Pain Quotidien in Leichhardt now.

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