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If you know the record producer Mike Moran or anybody who might know him, please forward the message contained in t…
RT @MaliceAfore: Born on this day in 1925, New Orleans, the great Elmore Leonard. He had ten rules of writing ..
RT @colinbirch: I’d highly recommend @MacRepairCentre in Oakwood, north London if you’re looking for 3rd party #Apple device repairs / supp…
How I listened to the radio back when phones did calls and texts and the iPlayer Radio app was a lab project
Once completed, we will recycle servers and/or donate them to univ or similar worthy cause. Feel free to contact us if you are interested
#2 son CompSci degree project is a self-driving car. Unwanted computers sought for server farm to train neural network. Will collect. Pls RT
In Houston, Anxiety and Frantic Rescues as Floodwaters Rise
Good two-parter on power, influence, disruption, AI & machine learning in Silicon Valley by @JamieJBartlett |…
RT @petercrouch: Summer for me is about time with family .
Oh, to be a fly on the wall when the dudes who nicked this rock up at Cash Converters
@thesharmanator @om_nick @MitsubishiUK I imagine you're expecting big things from Ford's use of Alexa to start car…
RT @davidpeto: My life is complete. I finally met someone who has called their daschund "Colin" after the one in the Blackadder "Rotten Bor…
At least @BubbleSqueakCom have got Keith doing something useful #helpimaduvet
@BubbleSqueakCom appear to have recruited @KeithLemon_ITV
@leolaporte Are you doing TWiT TV Live at @NABShow this year? Couldn’t spot anything on their site or elsewhere …
From that previous retweet of the guy racing an LU train I found #RaceTheTube. This thing is international ...
If Warren Beatty had said, "We appear to have the wrong envelope" instead of panicking, #envelopegate would never have happened #justsaying
Wanted to go to @ProlificNorth today partic for @willstrauss 'in conversation' with Warp Films CEO Mark Herbert @ 15.30, but it wasn't to be
The 2017 update of the supercut of every Best #VFX Oscar winner since 1927/28 #AcademyAwards #Oscars2017

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