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It's a busy week....hope your ministry is keeping you hopping!
Oh Monday...really, why are you always so crazy?@
Check it out:
It's a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest!
Received this lovely comment today and I wanted to share it. Be encouraged, what the Lord asks you to do will...
What a week it was. I'm back in my office half time so please be patient if you're waiting on me. We have a...
I'll be out of office the week of the 24th for my moms surgery. If you need anything please reach out to...
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Just a truth many of you need to hear!
Can I just say my desk is buried and I'm afraid I might not see it for days!
This remains so funny!
Are you serious about impacting people through your ministry? You need to listen!
IS YOUR MINISTRY WORKING THE WAY YOU'D LIKE IT TO? Some things are effective and a lot of things just plain...
What Are you Growing in your Ministry? Radishes or Ginseng? We all know we are such an instant and impatient...
After 28 years, there are common things that slow you down and keep you from being all you're meant to be. Check...
Thanks Amando Vera! 'First of all I want to thank you for this ministry and what it has already done in...
Your ministry will not magically grow, it needs proven systems that will help you have the impact you desire and...
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