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RT @TheDigitalBob: "Turning Chicken Poop Into Power" via Npr
RT @ArtsFoundation: @earthhour I'm switching off the lights for Earth Hour 2010. Join the movement too at
RT @ArtsFoundation: $4 bil for revising lackluster food in school for kids next 10 yrs, but $40 bil 4 those poorly nourished who reach univ
RT @thedigitalbob: "Talk Deeply, Be Happy?" via Nytimes
RT @thedigitalbob: Scientists Use Sex-Crazed Bugs as Alt to Pesticides | (leave us some nature, to solve conundrums)
RT @thedigitalbob: Tea Party Protestors show their true colors on final day before vote. Threats. Slander. Buffoonery |
RT @thedigitalbob: "Social Networking Usage Surges Globally [STATS]" via Mashable
RT @tcot_steve: Pete Cashmore Talks Twitter, Location and Mashable on [VIDEO]
RT @thedigitalbob: "Beware Of A Double-Dip Recession" via Forbes (from the man who 1st called the present recession)
RT @thedigitalbob: "The 11 Commandments of Corporate Tweeting" via Thebigmoney
RT @thedigitalbob: hasta luego. sleep well.
RT @ArtsFoundation: "Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams
Nate Lepp-Toilet Bowl Champion: If you don't give this BC man your best, that's crap | (he leaves for India in days)
RT @LilyPoint: one of the @lilypoint bald eagles interacts with beachgoers [VIDEO] |
RT @OverYonderSpace: Biologist Steve Booth and Craig Jacks will be experimenting with composting and mulching at OverYonderSpace
RT @thedigitalbob: "SlingPlayer Video App Goes 3G on iPhone Today" via Mashable (shows you watch at home, anytime)
RT @thedigitalbob: as with the latest Southwest Airlines - Kevin Smith incident, is Twitter the new 'all-purpose apologizer'?
RT @thedigitalbob: In 30 days @thedigitalbob will have 12,219 followers according to TwitterCounter |
RT @OverYonderSpace: "Valentine's Day Chores on Point Roberts" via Youtube
RT @thedigitalbob: "El Bulli to Close Permanently" via Nytimes

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