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Omarosa Allegedly Had Sexual Relationship With Trump, According To Former ‘RHOA’ Star Claudia Jordan https://t.co/9LUWWhpgEP
Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department Closes Case of 68-Year-Old Veteran Tased, Beaten, Shot and Killed by Cops https://t.co/MvArMmx49o
Cops: Mom went to Germany on vacation, left kids home alone in Iowa https://t.co/t4BopLtIIY
Erica Garner, daughter of police chokehold victim, dies https://t.co/1KGOZ4EwXr
Trump Rolls Back Post-Deepwater Horizon Offshore Safety Regulations https://t.co/Vo5ZqtjeNw
Who Killed the Boy With the ‘Biggest Smile’ and His Family in Upstate New York? https://t.co/x2o5EQplr1
Alabama Black Organizers Warn Doug Jones: Keep Your Promises - Joes is already showing signs of pandering. Black fo… https://t.co/pzlFdp04QW
States’ Christmas Letter to Kids: No Health Care for You https://t.co/1AptqX3rBh
Trump Is America’s First Lawless President https://t.co/dbMiVYrdkO
@Diddy THIS WOULD BE AWESOME! P. Diddy wants to buy the Panters and hire Kaepernick. Make it happen! https://t.co/uexgkrfBxt
Wouldn't this be AWESOME!!!! Sean Combs Wants to Buy Carolina Panthers, Sign Colin Kaepernick as Quarterback! https://t.co/yrOB46RRll
You’re Welcome, White People: Alabama’s Black Voters Just Saved America https://t.co/QXm83isqva
#fundchipnow Tell your members of Congress: Pass CHIP before tax cuts for the rich https://t.co/5NDvddVt5k
How 2.4 Million Washingtonians Were Robbed of Their Votes https://t.co/Lb6n06muyh
Man hilariously takes down racist woman at airport https://t.co/An94mYJzoq
Ex-Mesa Officer Philip Brailsford found not guilty of murder in shooting of unarmed man https://t.co/qEjSdt2EMR
Israel Gives African Migrants A Choice: Accept Deportation or Indefinite Imprisonment #BlackLivesMatter… https://t.co/3ILhpSBg1n
#BlackLivesMatter https://t.co/xPsRMoVpy9
Trump Administration to Reverse Ban on Elephant Trophies https://t.co/o3NpF4J3cO
Former Employee’s Lawsuit Says Tesla Is a ‘Hotbed for Racist Behavior’ https://t.co/5IWk67WZNP

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