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Give your mother a gift of support from within with IMEDEEN internal skincare @ OneNine57 Beautique, and get a 15% discount + GST offset
Not just your average website. @Imedeensg does more with lifestyle tips and forum on
Start your #antiaging regime young, becos signs of aging like skin dryness starts at age 25
Searched Twitter for #antiaging:
@gewer You can view IMEDEEN's latest campaign at
@gewer That ad was so 2 years ago. Latest IMEDEEN campaign "You can do more".
@Hiroyukichige Thank you thank you. Did we forget to invite you? Oops!~! Next time just ask. IMEDEEN sits beside Martell afterall
Water is not the cook's best friend in veggie prep with antioxidant loss
The top superberries with extraordinary nutritional properties
@YvonneKoh But the same time, caffeine is dehydrating, so be sure to follow up that 2nd cup with lotsa water :)
@YvonneKoh We say why not? Coffee has been getting lotsa attention for its anti-oxidant properties. So long as you watch the sugar and milk.
Alleged beauty secret of Miranda Kerr - Warm glass of water & lemon every morning for boost in metabolism and glowing skin. We <3 her figure
@tony_tan 5% of loyal IMEDEEN users are men
A model's life for 52-yr-old Sue Johnson, winner of IMEDEEN Prime Renewal model search in UK. And she's loving it.
ImedeenSG will give away One-year's supply of Imedeen Time Perfection in Female magazine's 35 Anniversary Bday Bonanza. April issue, p102
@bebexoxo of course there's twitter search. There's even twitterfall, in fact there's almost twitter everything. #imedeensg
@tony_tan ImedeenSG is now on twibs!
Wrinkles aren't the only indicator of age. Skin tone and luminousity also influences perception of age.
Imedeen revamps with new product packaging and new Beautique at Ngee Ann City #05-25B

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