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Dear Twitterverse, Hello sweet friend, I missed you. <3, Me
Holy crud... I am moving in a week! *faints*
@heathenshearth Small panic attack?
RT @heathenshearth: Great gift for you or MOM! Win this Gift Basket! http://tinyurl.com/G1FTS3T 500TH RT will win! 1RT per hr please!
A friend sent me this story. Man I love Seattle! http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2011740342_electronboy30m.html
@HollywoodHames are you organizing a work mutiny?
Ok using Seesmic to see if it plays nicer with this aging computer for twitter useage.
Chaos rules my life. Waiting to have a biopsy done on May 5th. My cousin's baby is in NICU. Eris, please give a girl a break!
I really hate having to wait for blood test results. But, my neck ultrasound was scheduled in a speedy manner, just have to wait til Tuesday
RIP Peter Steele, you will be missed. ♫ http://blip.fm/~opiql
Oh twitterverse, I have missed you! Health has kept me on the sidelines lately.
@frawgz_dezignz Just read an article. Carb rich meal facilitates better sleep.
@frawgz_dezignz lol Jinx likes to lay on the box and hang her tail down over the sensor.
@HollywoodHames I could kiss ya for being so awesome!
Kids got haircuts yesterday. 3 y/o looks like a little boy again. 4 y/o got a bunch of her curl back.
@HollywoodHames Here ya go sweetheart. http://www.etsy.com/shop/IcedAdornments
I just lowered all the prices in my Etsy shop. Perhaps that will helpwith sales.
I need a massage, in a major way.
Well check that out.. @vistaprint is on Twitter!
@Frozenartist Why not send the design to like.. Vistaprint or Overnight Prints?

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