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Bold Photograph http://t.co/fjzfZ3h5Lr
Fall Harvest http://t.co/xwfWOSrLKW
Cherry blossoms http://t.co/y8AZV0blJF
After the Storm Ocracoke Island, North Carolina http://t.co/kCCB8w3G2a
Birds in Flight http://t.co/HqTjAN7LOl
Ladybug gone wrong http://t.co/40HPJIPLc2
Look at that beautiful woman! Beautiful inside and out! #jw #friends http://t.co/CgsSXqFJQ8
SWATT team arrives at Maple view and Huth road. Police captain giving statement to news. #buffalove… http://t.co/ykd0zR9IDV
@panamarocks beautiful #jw praise Jah http://t.co/KSDFZZOrJO
Look what my hubby bought for me.....♡♡♡ http://t.co/J51BvTLFJd
#jw Bruyn Turnpike , Wallkill http://t.co/9E51CyLX1a
This is the best kind of tired ever!!!! #jw #jw.org http://t.co/ve1D5qAcqp
View from the clock tower #Patterson #jw #jw.org http://t.co/6ibalsH36G
My sweet sister and long time friend Doris http://t.co/xgpQtfMnkF
The Hudson River Valley in Autumn. Can't get much prettier than this.... #jw #route84 http://t.co/F6JXaj2g3F
My dear brother, an elder in my 1st congregation Newburgh South., Lon Schilling gave a beautiful… http://t.co/Puzl2UxMHU
Broken camera and now a broken Ipad. It's been a rough couple of weeks. And no I don't have apple care. http://t.co/XZLrs9Xbmq
We have had the most amazing sunsets and cloud formations this past week. I love fall. #buffaloNY #… http://t.co/AyPOV573qq
My best friend from Newburgh in the middle at this past convention. She stayed with me after driving… http://t.co/UmB9gSabzn
Before we ate........ #jw after circuit assembly. http://t.co/WhKTSvJlNe

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Photographer, artist. You can find my work on ETSY. Ibreak4glass, http://www.TheCamerasEye.etsy.com and TheVintageEye.etsy.com

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