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Agile Tour 2011 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam http://t.co/rr5sIcjB
we are at barcampsaigon 2011 yeah
if you are lucky you will get a tweet before end of the year...
follow us in our corporate website and blog to keep on the latest greatest from Ibelis. I will try to keep tweeting more often hehe,
Here is my tweet for this year, hello, we are soooooooo busy that we dont have time to tweet.
We will post more news as soon as we have them ready for you. Keep tune...
Hello folks, Yesss, we are alive and kicking. We are back to silence mode to the general public because we're extremely busy these da ...
Your comments, recommendations, criticism, or suggestions are invited and welcome.
We will post details about this new release between today and tomorrow in our support site at http://support.ibelis.com
Dear Folks, It's taken almost 14 days since our last update. We are glad to let you know that Ibelis e-Branding ver. 1.2 is now released!
Stay tuned because it is now a matter of days for the launch of our next release ...
Hi folks, we went back to silence mode this pass few days as we are working 200% to bring you a new update of Ibelis e-Branding
pretty soon, we will post an update on the Support site once is ready and available.
Some of you have asked about the Support section and when will the Knowledge base be available, well, be assured that we will get that done
Hello folks, we have received some positive feedback about Ibelis e-Branding face lift and we are glad that everybody is pleased with it.
Find about more about each deployment option at http://ebranding.ibelis.com
Don't miss the Ibelis e-Branding website, we have given a total new facelift to the entire site and introduced 3 new deployment solutions
For any queries, please keep checking the Support site or contact us directly, thanks.
finish some important updates to the software. We will keep you up to date this coming week.
Hello all, this week its been a very busy week and we have not had a chance to post any messages sorry. However, we are in the path to

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We are a provider of a wide range of innovative applications solutions designed for the creation of Self-Branded E-Businesses. Stay tuned on Ibelis progress.

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