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Please help me to launch my career as an artist, here's one of my latest drawings. Many thanks πŸ˜Šβ€¦ https://t.co/cd5XPN7xXu
RIP Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali who dies at age 74. https://t.co/zpDqPmCOxR
RIP Ronnie Corbett who died, aged 85 https://t.co/5Xc3CvrruO such a shame to loose someone so small in stature, yet so huge in our hearts
RIP David Bowie who dies after 18-month battle with cancer: https://t.co/dp9LPfzXOT
#gorgeous #decadent #delicious #caramel #chocolate #salted (Luxury Salted Caramel Bar @ The Minster Tavern In Ely) https://t.co/IDScdLIyl4
The Million-Dollar Play To Make The Internet More Meaningful https://t.co/k2fDpvSdSz https://t.co/k9sWmk8Xsx
10 Common Landing Page Myths, Busted: https://t.co/SPJVq5WtMq via @hubspot
@CeliaWatercolor Yes Celia, one and the same. Hadn't realised I'd signed in with my corporate account when I followed you again! 😬☺️
Live On @Banjo: Brushfire Erupts In The UK http://t.co/TZIonqmKGb
RT @BBCRadioScot: See if you agree w/ @rhavers 20 albums to get you into jazz! #ItsOkToLikeJazz @JazzyStevieD http://t.co/E2JCOi4v1g http:/…
Have you ever taken an online course to learn to draw? I signed up with @cindywider - What do you think? http://t.co/0Z3YkOlyvB
In response to the many enquiries about my pencils @TindallsGifts now offer this "specially discounted" drawing pack http://t.co/dkb4X8V9J2
How To Set Up Google+ Add To Circles Plugin On Your WordPress Blog Step By Step: http://t.co/LjUGCtst1u
Is your "World-Changer" included in the Project #CDII list yet? http://t.co/bRSwyeXO2J
Project #CDII - Wondering what #CDII is all about? Find out here: http://t.co/3vPAHBx7vA
RT @WatercolourJrny: Roena King: Brilliant Landscape Photography /via @EmptyEasel blog http://t.co/AZSuoh0nqz
RT @GavinMorgan76: 4 trains, 2 tubes, 2 taxi's, 1 SharePoint meeting. A day in the life of a SharePoint consultant @AiimiLtd
RT @ToniHunter: Don't forget to book, places are running out fast https://t.co/yYp4kDDX6d #IHT #tax planning
Is your "World Changer" listed in Project #CDII ? Check here: http://t.co/bRSwyeXO2J If not add them here: http://t.co/p419exrUGF
What to look for in the best social media package for your organisation: http://t.co/eb4d6QWZQL

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