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RT @trydcast: @IainMcGill This deserves a re-tweet! #Scotland #Art Check it out at: http://t.co/H04y0Q2jXB
Nice to see a @JamTarts pal saying No Thanks to separation because it makes no sense - Alan Owenson http://t.co/Gd9tzdmG0G #indyref
RT @Grahame_Case: Might need a crowdfunder http://t.co/DWZ9ZNHSGH
@sjharte wait till you try Albania...
@sjharte Saranda in the South is my favourite part of the country - a short ferry ride from Corfu, but Tirana is well worth seeing
@sjharte yeah, I'd always recommend Albania - I keep coming back. Get here before the EU gets it's grubby hands on it and sanitises it...
It's a good looking wedding party today! http://t.co/EMzz96sCTn
@AKDunbar sshh... Don't tell them...
Not a bad hotel here in Vlora, Albania. Check the massive horseshoe to keep the evil eye away... http://t.co/IfXLK3xjnl
Dived here this morning, not a bad site at all, not a bad way to start a day http://t.co/lxy8ubbG2q
@ChristinaSNP thanks Christina, appreciate it
@CalumCashley @nickdebois @hashtagteaclub is there any other way to make it?!?
@ewanmasson @hashtagteaclub @JamTarts I got the story about the miners kicking it up & down the streets of Methil for a few days after...
@CalumCashley @nickdebois @hashtagteaclub nowt like a hot toddy. Throw in something constructive like the Godfather trilogy & the days good
@hashtagteaclub @RedbushTeaCo @YorkshireTea @dorset_tea @Ringtons @brewteaco only a hot toddy can cure man flu. Tea can cure a hangover
@hashtagteaclub @RedbushTeaCo @YorkshireTea @dorset_tea @Ringtons @brewteaco dinnae go sending in the cavalry now! For curing man flu?!?
RT @OliverCooper: Anti-Israel protesters flying those well-known flags of peace and freedom: Hezbollah and Iran. Oh, wait... http://t.co/tu…
@hashtagteaclub @nickdebois @EastFifeFC @ewanmasson they treated some of us @JamTarts to tour a couple of weeks ago before a friendly #class
“@JamTarts: FT: Hearts 3-1 Annan Athletic.” < best game I've ever followed on twitter from Albania
@nickdebois @hashtagteaclub we're always on the #indyref case these days I'm afraid. Whisky is the cure Nick, tea is only good for hangovers

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