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RT @badassday: I'm so disgusted by GQ Magazine's award to Tony Blair, I'll cancel my subscrip... oh, wait.
Want to know what's going on in the #indyref - then look no further than this blog http://t.co/PCfN0ZWh11
RT @gerrymcgarvey: Replacement 'No thanks' sign on the A811 asks a big question... http://t.co/tUnyw3SaYa
RT @blairmcdougall: .@KevinMcKenna63 come off it! If Elaine is going to claim leaving UK will tackle poverty surely she should be able to g…
@AngusMacNeilMP @Frankiejambo @GeorgeFoulkes the hunt for plan B continues... http://t.co/8JYlSwYDa4
RT @ProfTomkins: Personal statement: of all my contribs to the Scottish debate, the work I did with the @ScotTories devo commission is what…
RT @BritishGQ: Philanthropist Of The Year goes to Tony Blair: http://t.co/7Pq06sqFkb #GQAwards http://t.co/vmQhpo0IAd
RT @ScotFootBlog: Never been in a meeting that's been "stormed" and I'm not sure I was at Easter Road tonight. But it highlights a divide i…
@donaliain yup, all genuine quotes from the agents of positivity in the yes campaign
@TheReal_Romanov http://t.co/LmCbmhk2oU
@TheReal_Romanov of all the jokes, lies and windups I've seen you tweet over the years this Yes patter is by far the most ridiculous!!!
@katrinamurray71 next time!
@katrinamurray71 ah!! Just arrived back in Edinburgh - gutted!
Here's tonight's #indyref debate crowd - @ZaraKitson in opposition tonight http://t.co/uROkxVgfNB
In Glasgow for an #indyref debate. Available for a beer after 19.00...
@tomallan @allytibbitt @AlanDRudland aye, it's for our own good, heard that line on many an issue
@allytibbitt @AlanDRudland I cannae cycle that fast!
@Motivationprobs @AlanDRudland @Edinburgh_CC yup, I'm well above 20mph on the the downhills on my bike. We'll be criminals at this rate
RT @Motivationprobs: @IainMcGill @AlanDRudland @Edinburgh_CC Unless it's windy I average over 20mph while cycling. This is going to affect…
RT @SkyNewsBreak: Lawyer at High Court hearing for case of #Ashya King's says the CPS are trying to withdraw the European arrest warrant fo…

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