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@chrisdeerin sat down with the Prime Minister the other day... https://t.co/NvVtfGNUt2
RT @SunPolitics: Labour may do a deal with the SNP after all, a senior party member lets slip http://t.co/BdHFD2aKkv http://t.co/Pl11ciVUrn
RT @danielbyles: RT @sajidjavid: ...now I’m seriously considering facial hair http://t.co/7T0IYISA5x
RT @GregHands: Now Labour in Wales wants to 'get rid' of Trident, as the Party starts to snuggle ever closer to the SNP & Plaid http://t.co…
RT @tnewtondunn: Because of election laws, Chuka tells #C4news "I'm not allowed to say where I am". http://t.co/F0PycjiEG5
RT @MrHarryCole: Awesome video. Cleared Sun hack turns the tables on the coppers. See how they run. http://t.co/MzXyIizNQP
@theSpurtle: Last night's Edinburgh North & Leith hustings: news, views, reactions: http://t.co/Ay6KaVcTcq http://t.co/K18YmumFkp
What decorates my @ScotTories print room? Soundness, that's what http://t.co/ZoM9YGhpuD
@GrantCu7 @ScotTories that's cause we have you marked in our system with the dreaded S for Socialist Grant...
@LilianMcgr @GrantCu7 @ScotTories you'll obviously be voting for your fellow Jambo Lilian...
@AndrewSNicoll @MorayMacdonald Labours super sleuths @dhothersall & @aidanskinner have it nailed down...
RT @hendopolis: EVENING STANDARD: Cameron gets twin boost on economy http://t.co/cVH3rIJukp
@dhothersall who are you backing?
Vote Tory, urges SNP loyalist betrayed by party http://t.co/oJ7Pa5Jktw via @MailOnline
I'm hearing rumblings that plots to succeed Jim have begun already...
@williamsonkev is it finally the wee teams year to update their photo? http://t.co/57x51ziqPM
@aidanskinner to late http://t.co/xheJupagbT
Guarana gets me through http://t.co/dZD2h1bnMi
@GeorgeFoulkes @JacksonMSP no, I was the one with the blue rosette...
@GeorgeFoulkes @JacksonMSP I thought that was my job?

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@ScotTories candidate in Edinburghs City Centre Ward by-election on August 18th 2011 - get involved - #winning

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