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RT @euanmccolm: by an extraordinary coincidence, the 116,000th member of the SNP turns 16 on polling day. chances of that, eh?
Ken Livingstone uses a RAPE comparison when asked about Labour suspension https://t.co/vVrxk2QST6
@AnnieWells12 @jamiegreeneUK I'll bring the wine. We can have a whip-round for Jamie's microwave - £35 in tescos
@jamiegreeneUK @AnnieWells12 half a jar of jalapeños on it & it's more than palatable
RT @IanAustinMP: This row about Ken Livingstone & Hitler is so unfair. One was a horrible extremist obsessed with Jews. The other was leade…
@jamiegreeneUK @AnnieWells12 have ye no a microwave man? https://t.co/L0YUXyy1HY
@CAMRA_Edinburgh @CAMRA_Official I am one of your members in SE Scotland #cheers
Oh Labour... https://t.co/1lp88p3R5e
RT @JamieRoss7: Jeremy Corbyn tries to storm away from a journalist, can't open the door. Great stuff. https://t.co/zJ1gKLUh2S
RT @alexmassie: At least no-one is going to accuse Seumas Milne of being a Zionist. https://t.co/k196ASemqw
RT @DisHistSco: .@SabenCallaghan thanks @Cat_Headley @IainMcGill @Mr_KrisC @danheaped @MarcoGBiagi for their participation and responses. #…
RT @DisHistSco: Little bit of controversy! @IainMcGill & @MarcoGBiagi rumble on tax varying powers for ScotParl. #DisabilityHistoryScotland…
RT @AP4DP_Scot: "Skills are one of the blockages" to employment, says Conservative @IainMcGill , citing the loss of college places #Access…
RT @AP4DP_Scot: To finish up @IainMcGill encourages everyone to ensure their voices are heard on local decisions in particular #AccessPolit…
RT @DisHistSco: Laughter in the room as hustings chair @SabenCallaghan "forgets" @IainMcGill. Naughty Sasha! #DisabilityHistoryScotland #Ac…
RT @DisHistSco: Our party representatives: @Cat_Headley @IainMcGill @MarcoGBiagi @danheaped @Mr_KrisC #AccessPolitics https://t.co/xj68J6aj…
Finally @kezdugdale and I agree on something #torytime #teamruth #sp16 https://t.co/LvNZjttdFE
Seumas Milne Praises Hamas https://t.co/XLj0HomlC9 via @guidofawkes
Corbyn Agrees BBC are "Zionist Liars" https://t.co/GjmbSPeeAB via @guidofawkes
RT @CroydonAd: Secretary of Croydon Central Labour Party: 'Livingstone's Hitler comments were accurate' https://t.co/CZAeLxCAib https://t.c…

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@ScotTories candidate in Edinburghs City Centre Ward by-election on August 18th 2011 - get involved - #winning

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