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RT @DJack_Journo: Brilliant news for parents & majority of moderate teachers who are to create new union to beat loony Left @NUT http://t.c…
RT @scott_eff: @muteswann @williamsonkev Oh heavens. Like debating the merits of socialism with @IainMcGill. :-) Immovable.
RT @Mr_Mark_Brown: On St George's Day, Alex Salmond will dive in and out of Carlisle to lecture the English about Independence. More #indyr…
@The_SSP_ let me guess, you propose a show of solidarity with working class across the UK by walking away from them? #YesSSP
RT @KennyFarq: Memo to MPs who voted against any kind of UK military intervention in Syria: The people of Homs would like a word.
RT @MWatchWatch: A particularly good response to the #UKIP poster campaign: RT @DuncanStott: My take on *that* poster http://t.co/zvxuGALk…
RT @SHKMEP: Comin over ere n innovatin n creatin all over da place off wid ya! Next u'll b sellin our stuff abroad@Nigel_Farage http://t.c…
@SophieALW thanks Sophie - you shot off sharp at the end - thanks for coming out
@PMD31 @TMFootballUK @CarltonBanksUK @Kaepernick7 I blame @Skip_Licker
RT @TMFootballUK: Amazing spot from @CarltonBanksUK... 49ers QB @Kaepernick7 has a quote from Iain Duncan Smith in his Twitter bio http://t…
RT @AlanRoden: SNP's "jam-tomorrow" claims are insulting - #indyref editorial in today's Scottish Daily Mail. http://t.co/0OVfjfW51L
@dhothersall I might join them now I know the Nats hate them.
RT @MancRedArmy: How shit are Everton without Moyes! Downhill for them...#EFC #MUFC
RT @benrileysmith: Key stat on Brown's influence north of border >> In 2010, Labour vote fell 6.2% across UK but ROSE 2.5% in Scotland. #in…
RT @mccraesown: A fantastic gesture from @JamTarts: Honouring the greatest | http://t.co/GkLghIMojC #proud
RT @JamTarts: New Hearts 2014-15 home kit: Honouring the greatest http://t.co/7JkgBe0WIH
@RealMacKaySTV I've applied for the Man U job, Yes are still the worlds most positive people EVER, hibs down, I'm still not wearing a tie.
@MarrsioFootball @markmcdsnp Norwich most likely?
RT @BJGoldsmith: "A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence, risk taking, and discovery" (great article): http://t…
RT @Vine_Football: Scottish football summed up in one Vine. This is Jamie Hammill of Hearts. https://t.co/I6ESOSlKYV

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@ScotTories candidate in Edinburghs City Centre Ward by-election on August 18th 2011 - get involved - #winning

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