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Half way through my rescue course... Gotta do some homework now. Nobody warned me about the homework... http://t.co/drZLTiMYpg
FC United of Manchester: the success story that proves what fans can achieve | David Conn http://t.co/Anj4eS6lft
@MarcoBiagiMSP Hearts have been winning a lot this year bud...
Sad to hear @MarcoBiagiMSP is standing down, not least because I'd have liked the chance to even the score at the ballot box...
RT @Jamie_Jambo: Here, Hibs... http://t.co/ZBoOcJC83y
RT @robbiecoull89: http://t.co/GlNQYuxanY
RT @Russnpea: The Hibs fan who came up with that 'relegation party' idea. Is he on Twitter at all? Just asking.
RT @scotsunsport: Alan Stubbs has urged Hibs to ditch their ‘big game bottlers’ tag by beating Rangers today: http://t.co/hDlQ3Awmpe http:/…
@Cat_Headley @craigie_watson dinnae tell me they actually mock her up as Che to be flattering...
Season 2014/15 player ratings: Rangers http://t.co/CwrEDYfx2y
@Cat_Headley @craigie_watson I prefer Maobama... http://t.co/fZnSJKnDcE
RT @MSmithsonPB: These numbers say a lot. https://t.co/cpEkCZB2F5
@AndrewSNicoll @holyroodmandy they'd better not be taxpayer funded parasols....
RT @lmkmcintosh: Hi again @nataliemcgarry I'm genuinely interested to know in which ways you think my male colleagues' copy differs from mi…
RT @BBCDouglasF: @nataliemcgarry No. Quite busy. The usual argument with colleagues over which seat I get. You know how it is. #NoonePutsDo…
RT @stvharry: For the 2nd year running Theresa May puts the boot into the Police Fed like no other Home Sec has dared http://t.co/Z8Rc5Ct5Z9
RT @sarahoconnor_: Wow, Teresa May really not pulling her punches at the Police Federation. http://t.co/PHT0Q7pqIf
RT @davidjhgardiner: Boom. Director of Macroeconomics at NIESR and Angus Brendan MacNeil. http://t.co/2mIxLuBD1v
Anyhow, assuming Bangkok does not take me on route, I'm headed back to an old favourite http://t.co/PdgrEfRCLV
24 Hour Drinking: In Numbers http://t.co/gWj9aMdxMJ

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