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@alanbissett you're being awfy hard on The Fog, it's a fine movie
RT @MarrsioFootball: Great to see @alexmassie on a roll on education. Very uncomfortable discussions as can't blame Westminster. So no one …
@alanbissett The Thing is right up there with The Fog
Northern Soul - proper decent http://t.co/8n5xal8nXK
RT @andywightman: Guess the password http://t.co/goc9GdzDQc
RT @wallaceme: Perhaps only Ed Miliband could balls up giving money to a beggar.
RT @DPJHodges: So let me get this right. Ed Miliband can't even walk down the street now without it becoming a communication's disaster.
RT @MrHarryCole: Ed Miliband, July 2014: "more to politics than the photo-op".
RT @VoluntaryAnarch: Not sure which is worse, the fact Miliband only gives the woman 2p or the fact that he won't even look at her as he do…
RT @MoodySlayerUK: "OK Mr Miliband, we're ready for your random act of kindness....Aaannndd ACTION!" http://t.co/LlkCLJzxp0
RT @andrewpicken1: Alex Salmond in happier times or ASDA as it is known... http://t.co/EH6fKzMk79
RT @PoliticalYeti: MT @BBCBreaking Blaise Compaore confirms he's stepped down as #BurkinaFaso president http://t.co/6yct896xRA <1st Johann …
RT @DPJHodges: If you think the wailing from Ukip supporters is bad now, wait till general election night...
@Cat_Headley I blame the politicians http://t.co/fWjHcIU924
@CalumCashley @BuchananPost and you'd best start taking care of your hair, if SNP are to win every seat in Scotland surely that includes you
BBC News - Hungary internet tax cancelled after mass protests http://t.co/JXNwhqcHqb < that's one way to deal with bad taxes
RT @PoliticalYeti: Stewart Stevenson throws an onion in a fire, man interrogates his tea.This from @HolyroodLiam is brilliant - https://t.c…
RT @Mike_Blackley: Scotsman sums up yesterday's #FMQs nicely: 'Salmond denies he is in denial'.
RT @MartynMcL: Ah, this exchange - the pay off especially - has given me a great belly laugh over the morning coffee: http://t.co/L3wjoXnFZf
RT @LordMcConnell: This morning an appointment at the dentist and an interview on Scottish Labour. Could be painful.

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