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So what happens after the #indyref | Martin Kettle http://t.co/unteDsA6Ru
@lawrencebroadie a new trophy to win!
@williamsonkev @HibernianFCClub hope he likes Championship football!
@GHmltn @alexmassie not when Belgium splits up into it's separatist parts...
So, a short radio slot beckons on is the UK one of the worlds most sexist countries. Might channel my NI roots for this one, NO! NO! NEVER!
@GHmltn it's been a great day all round
@GHmltn some player
RT @TimGattITV: Only in Spain does the monarch hold the leg of the cup-winning captain... http://t.co/gOAVZu8UYx
Great to see a British player positively influencing a massive game overseas. He's some player!
RT @talkSPORTDrive: Are Real Madrid mad? On what planet is Gareth Bale worth £80m +?? He's not fit to lace Neymar's boots. 08717 223344
RT @AlanMeikle: Unlucky Neymar son, gutted for you. I'm joking actually, I've not liked you since bananagate at the Emirates.
RT @STV_Andy: @SkySports_Keith Had time to say "meep meep" on his way. #roadrunner
@CairnBet that's a deal.
RT @schofieldkevin: In any other country, an education minister overseeing a system where 2.6% of poor kids got 3 A's would be fired. http:…
Why the No side should be looking up in Scotland-by John McTernan #indyref « Slugger O'Toole http://t.co/QDTNLbT86q via @sluggerotoole
@ClareHilley @RoadTrip2015 seeing you guys in Scotland for the referendum?
@CairnBet aye, good yin! Take a bookies to the cleaners! If you've the best odds in offer you're very welcome to my cash
RT @Jaspreet_Biring: Contrary to what you may hear UK alcohol consumption is at 23 year low. http://t.co/NNJK5bW7nX
RT @PeterAnderson2: @Flogelsleftpeg @Tomdoggy well we can't accuse Hubz of winning Scottish Cups they didn't merit no-one is alive to conte…
@PaulaW1874 @MusselburghRace I'm a pretty good looking guy, but no wig & amount of make up is gonna make that possible!

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@ScotTories candidate in Edinburghs City Centre Ward by-election on August 18th 2011 - get involved - #winning

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