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RT @mccraesown: Tickets are available now for our Usher Hall event on Friday 28th November, buy them early to be sure of a seat http://t.co…
RT @mccraesown: Events taking place in Edinburgh as the centenary approach include a service at St.Cuthberts on Thursday 27th Nov http://t.…
Statement from Joan McAlpine http://t.co/WjR5YbQ9lO
RT @MilkcartonWINS: "I feel offended on behalf of..." @MetroUK comments are the new trolling. http://t.co/6dU4r8GkR4
RT @Alexand52329781: It's over in Scotland The no team have won So why are the yes team Still banging their drum. #NationalPoetryDay
RT @kevverage: I wish there was an alternative candidate to Sturgeon so that the leadership vote result could be 45:55. Who would they cho…
@GerryBraiden @kenny_murray @alisonthewliss see you guys there!
@badassday @chrstinadarling he can do whatever he likes on my property. I could do with the cash. Need another long holiday.
@mrjamesmack @DominicMHinde @wornoutmumhack you had the snip & the took the male pill just to be double sure?!? I thought I was paranoid...
@sebjam_es great, let's see the price when the offer is closing
@lawrencebroadie hell yeah - that's why we write it down in our twitter biogs, right?
@lawrencebroadie that's the first thing I'm expecting to hear
Actually spending most of today in my office. Wonder if anyone there actually remembers me?
@sebjam_es 500 Australian? What's that work out at? About £2.50?
RT @JoanMcAlpine: Red Tories jumping on bandwagon note article I shared was from @PSbook - a Labour founded site. Get angry about welfare c…
RT @TrendsGlasgow: Joan McAlpine, @joanmcalpine is now trending in #Glasgow http://t.co/BEMuEi50JV
@Mr_Mark_Brown @spartansfcwomen nice win!
@JoanMcAlpine MSP launching her leadership bid for @theSNP here... http://t.co/MPPSqzce5z
RT @paget_old: I'm with Ruth Davidson on this: I've still to feel joy, so far it's only been relief, and frustration that some are still fi…
@JoanMcAlpine sorry really does appear to be the hardest word for you

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@ScotTories candidate in Edinburghs City Centre Ward by-election on August 18th 2011 - get involved - #winning

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