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@alexmassie @Kennyf1283 do we know what Scottish seats?
RT @TheBluetrot: SNP FAIL! The Scottish Government's unsustainable delusion – @Bill_Jamieson's latest column on @Think_Scotland http://t.co…
RT @GuidoFawkes: Obviously the PM had his daily dose of Britain's #1 blog yesterday #BoxGate #PMQs http://t.co/irfkNFIRfv
@jameschappers of course they want him as Prime Minister...
RT @JoeMurphyLondon: I cant believe some Labour MPs actually put their hands up in response to Cameron!
@PeteWishart no wonder - you're planning on making him PM!
RT @PeteWishart: I'm putting the leader of the opposition on my leaflets. #pmqs
RT @ChrisMasonBBC: As David Cameron asks Ed Miliband how many of his MPs will put a pic of him on their leaflets, dozens of Tory MPs raise …
RT @wallaceme: Labour's "hands up" options for who's going to put Miliband on their leaflet is all do it or nobody do it. About 11 did it. …
RT @Jamin2g: Ed Miliband will be featuring in a debate with himself a week before the election. He'd still lose. #pmqs
Get down to see Front today or tomorrow - still tickets available from @PASS_Edcoll - it's gonna be good... http://t.co/nSJkVkOxVJ
@AGilinsky @scott_eff I'm happy to win the seat on half votes...
"For as long as I can remember, all I wanted in my life, nothing else, was to play for Hearts... Always Hearts" #RIP http://t.co/51s5ulyp1o
RT @JamTarts: Dave Mackay Heart of Midlothian | News http://t.co/qNyBs0zC9v
RT @SkySportsNewsHQ: One of @SpursOfficial's greatest players, Dave Mackay, has died at the age of 80 after a long battle with illness. htt…
RT @PaulGoodwin3: Scottish Govt interest in #communityownership #ReclaimTheGame @BBCJamesCook @BBCJohnBeattie R/T survey https://t.co/2A17…
RT @djamiestanton: Reading 75 year old Orwell essay that reads like it was written yesterday.
RT @DanHannanMEP: When people start claiming that Margaret Thatcher was a Europhile, I stop taking them seriously. @CapX @bill_emmott http:…
@scotexpress46 @LordAshcroft @scottishlabour @ScotTories guess we'll need to keep watching his polls...
@LordAshcroft are my eyes deceiving me or are @scottishlabour polling behind @ScotTories (22%-21% among certain to vote).

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