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@RuthDavidsonMSP @euanmccolm was tempted to cash out at the end of last week, but very happy letting it run now
@RuthDavidsonMSP @euanmccolm I was later than some to the party, but early enough to turn a profit... http://t.co/QGP7FkWVXU
RT @RuthDavidsonMSP: Just out of interest, Begehot's at the Corbyn rally, and his time line is worth a look. It's at @JeremyCliffe
@euanmccolm I only wish I'd lumped more than £50 on it...
@GHmltn cannae help ourselves but score goals...
Next couple of days will be spent underwater with these guys http://t.co/bwV6k7szZe
RT @SamuelCoates: Excellent feature on the 50+ MPs with military backgrounds: http://t.co/fujiTsPZcI Damning quote about politics here: htt…
Police Scotland is a lamentable shambles | Kevin McKenna http://t.co/3hohrbu4RY
RT @Telegraph: 'I knew we had lost...I was here one day and gone the next.' Ed Balls talks to @maryriddell http://t.co/91pbVlSHZA http://t.…
RT @NTCleanStreets: @IainMcGill Put that at the bottom of Leith Walk and it could replace the narwhal's tusk as a urinal
I don't remember seeing this statue last time I was in Rome... http://t.co/zQHClwC20Y
Looks like I'm in the wrong place... http://t.co/Rtg9HT3ymK
Amazon’s deal with Jeremy Clarkson shows the BBC licence fee is obsolete - via @Telegraph http://t.co/g3ib2SstCt
@davidtorrance @kevverage there's quite an audience around, even in the wee small hours
RT @kevverage: I wonder if SNP supporters will be protesting about this particular example of BBC bias? http://t.co/kineeAdKHs http://t.c…
@DannyLogan46 no cheaper here at Edinburgh airport... Hope you made the game last night
@AGilinsky are outpolling Labour in Scotland AGAIN?!?
RT @AGilinsky: For those asking (nobody) the Scottish subsample of that ComRes poll has Conservatives on 19% and Labour on 14%.
@lewisritchieSNP #plan
You know @JamTarts are big box office when queues are up, down & up the street again after kick off for vs Arbroath http://t.co/uhMAsJMgyI

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@ScotTories candidate in Edinburghs City Centre Ward by-election on August 18th 2011 - get involved - #winning

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