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Вышло очередное обновления программы Estate® Подробности тут:
Рады Вам сообщить о выходе очередного обновления программы Estate® и предлагаем Вам обновить программу до последне..
Приглашаем на интересную работу Android и Java разработчиков! подробности вакансий тут:
Estate - совершенный инструмент для Агентств недвижимости. Подробности +375 29 342-26-02 и
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” #ITA #OurTeam
Hello a new app! The app calculates the amount of custom duties when importing a vehicle to Belarus. … #ITA #newapp
Team spirit and mutual help! We had a lot fun during the lasertag competition on the ITA's 5th Anniversary! #fun #ITA
We moved to a new cosy office
ITA is 4 years old! Celebration of our Birthday will be on Friday!
It was the last day of Clojure course in ITA yesterday. Soon listeners will get their certificates!
ITA invites you to take participation in Clojure programming course from March 14th till April 18th 2013
Looking for new Java projects! Only professional approach.
Only qualified developers will manage complicated projects! These developers work in our company :)
We`ll manage any project! Waiting for your`s at Java is our cup of tea!
There`s a great possibility to take a project to outsource (PHP, ActionScript, HTML5, JS, iOS, Android, AIR) by low rates!
There was a team-building about Clojure in ITA today. When it was finished, we ate tasty fresh cakes. :)
We`re searching for Senior 4+ years experience on a well-payed project. Send your resume to:
Our Deputy HR Director took part in the 1st autumn conference "HR in IT"
The meeting about cold-calls was held today in ITA office.

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ITA Ltd. are a rapidly growing offshore software outsourcing company. We are a strong team of professionals dedicated to making Innovative Software Products.

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