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How does VoIP help the hospitality industry? https://t.co/OBOC8yF9KE
.@axis talked to an early adopter of IP cameras (20 years ago!) about his experience and the changes he's witnessed https://t.co/vdBzQ2RZuz
We thought this was some great advice from Tech Republic on planning your public IP address strategy: https://t.co/BJmTNVMci0
Yealink's updated T4S IP phones support Opus... but what is it? and why is that a big deal? https://t.co/y4DtmNT12P
Yealink's new T4S phones feature support for the Opus audio codec. What is Opus? Why is this a big deal? https://t.co/y4DtmNT12P
Because of CES, Las Vegas has become the go-to place for finding weird tech in thrift stores: https://t.co/e3VX9J2yEG
The iPhone is 10 years old today! Take a look back through the decade with The Verge: https://t.co/vks0h4LoyT
IEEE Spectrum has complete coverage of CES: https://t.co/14UWPBIWuv
Read all about IP Access Control Systems on our blog! https://t.co/Xdc3dk6de7
Ever considered an IP Access Control System? They have real advantages over traditional serial control systems: https://t.co/Xdc3dk6de7
Is there any positive IT news from 2016? With all the hacks and bot-nets etc it seems like No but @ITworld argue Yes https://t.co/7AdwGZI2Bz
"Here are the biggest IoT security threats facing the enterprise in 2017" from @TechRepublic https://t.co/POWGplsHA8
Scalable Video Coding lets every endpoint get the video conferencing feed that best suits its capacity: https://t.co/uCeUvdNDFv
Polycom EagleEye Producer makes your video conferencing frictionlessly natural: https://t.co/4LPOBG5Yi1
Polycom Acoustic Fence is an amazing conferencing technology. Here's how to set it up! https://t.co/PjviGzg5fW
How do you share content using the Polycom RealPresence Group 500 series? https://t.co/2XOhdP9wKs
How do you save custom camera presets using a Polycom RealPresence Group 500 video conferencing system? https://t.co/w1SjLHYJdQ
Some "cheery" (but good to know) news for a Friday: "The Botnet That Broke the Internet Isn't Going Away" https://t.co/iZ5UyrshG9
Introducing the new Grandstream GXP1700 Series of mid-range enterprise IP phones: https://t.co/zGeUTVZuXJ
Pre-order the brand-new Grandstream GXP1782 Mid-Range Gigabit IP Phone today! https://t.co/IH3i9BZFRH

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