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Daily fitness training with your dog is a great way to improve the bond and to get a decent workout.
The side plank works your core, and also strengthens your lower back, inner thighs and stabilizes your pelvis
Have you ever experienced that day after feeling from a great workout ?
Magnesium helps us regulate more than 300 enzyme systems in the body
Infofit's December 2015 News Bulletin Learn more with interesting articles and explore ways to earn more CEC's
Its Time to Become a Personal Trainer!
A study learned that build up of the fat molecule ceramide plays a leading role in sacropenia in older adults.
Raw (unpasteurized) milk contains valuable enzymes and bacteria that have been shown to strengthen the immune system
Learn why “fat does not make you fat” and why fat sources are the most conducive to optimum health.
Paprika Chicken and Mediterranean Salad Ingredients Chicken : Organic Boneless Chicken (breast or…
Thinking of going to school to become a personal trainer? Are you feeling a scared? We understand how you feel
What’s the Big Buzz about Vitamin K2?
For people over 40 the most common vision loss is a change in the eye’s ability to focus.
According to Statistics Canad high blood pressure is a condition found in 19% of the Canadian population.
Studies show those individuals with a large waistline were at higher risk of dying at a young age from illnesses
examples of how our body is telling us when our nutrition is lacking 1) Ridges on the Nails and…
The human body is truly amazing and if we pay attention to the finer details of what makes it run efficiently.
ACSM distribute their guide to fitness professionals to make important business decisions with the latest in trends.
Do you live outside the Greater Vancouver area or have an unpredictable and hectic schedule? START…

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