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The new issue 56(4) of the Journal of Apicultural Research is published today and will shortly be mailed to IBRA... https://t.co/oXgx1i8Xpt
Certain species of stingless bees have been managed by man for honey production for centuries. Various... https://t.co/0Jdo968df1
IBRA has learned with sadness of the death of Prof. Ingemar Fries of the Swedish University of Agricultural... https://t.co/2mk4iLxjkP
Neonicotinoid insecticides and bees have been much in the news recently, with controversy due to laboratory based... https://t.co/EBJzvw3xRY
“Colony Collapse Disorder” first appeared in the USA in 2006, and detailed data on US colony losses has now been... https://t.co/mRpFyWGlsu
Can grooming behaviour help honey bee colonies to overcome varroa infestation? In a new paper published in the... https://t.co/ctSetZ4zgD
Generally in Kenya, as in much of Africa, women traditionally perform most agricultural tasks, but even though... https://t.co/eHza20ZCk3
Eva Crane (1912 – 2007) was Director of the International Bee Research Association from its foundation as the Bee... https://t.co/Uleq17bMFT
Honey is a natural sweetener with a complex composition... In a major new review published in the Journal of... https://t.co/zEMfbWJZDJ
VACANCY Editor, Bee World Bee World is an international journal which provides the link between science and... https://t.co/cBGNTuG0Rx
As of today, our FaceBook page has mote than 7,000 "likes". Thanks to all of our friends for your support. Please... https://t.co/VDbH2XxQ6J
The Amazonian stingless bee Melipona fasciculata is known locally as “uruçu-cinzenta”, and can easily be kept in... https://t.co/jcu9EgyrVd
Libya has had a troubled recent past, but has a long tradition of beekeeping. Ancient Greek sources suggest that... https://t.co/QQ8Au7uO3j
Bumble bees are highly valued crop pollinators due to their ability to forage in cooler temperatures than most... https://t.co/jVT6uMQWQZ
In spring there is often a rise in honey bee mortality incidents. In a new paper published in the Journal of... https://t.co/cv4jZRvNIb
“Form and function in the honey bee”. Lesley Goodman’s classic text, from IBRA... “A wonderful guide to the... https://t.co/0CZ1hitS3W
England now has its first reserve for conserving the native dark European honey bee Apis mellifera mellifera.... https://t.co/yOMDr2iYNr
Honey bees provide a key managed pollination service resource in world agriculture, providing a flexible, highly... https://t.co/en7CdnGuLU
Watch IBRA Member Iain Wallace from Quince Honey Farm, Devon, helping children’s TV presenter Lindsey Russell to... https://t.co/21YZ2hT2kk
“Ten years ago I taught beekeeping at a state prison. As a volunteer, I had very little authority and the inmates... https://t.co/Yrn124FdGQ

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