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RT @ByAZuniga: Lions vs the refs remains the biggest rivalry in professional sports
@cedarpoint we love you, but we are very disappointed in you today. We travel to far and pay too much for all your best rides to be down.
@detroitbadboys Love Raptor, Millenium, etc. But Maverick is maybe the best ride in the park.
@detroitbadboys You know it. Airfare, hotel, overpriced food. It’s all for the awesome rides... that aren’t working.
#cedarpoint I love your park, but paying $150 for Fast Lane Plus when Maverick, Dragster and Valravn are down all day is highway robbery.
@WillManso Still brings tears to my eyes. Foul language elevated to an art form.
@WillManso Oh, Will... I have 20-year-old video of you that could torpedo your career. Well, not really... but it’d…
@KevinWheeler94 That's how they trick you. Only way to win is not to play.
@KevinWheeler94 Hey bro... haven’t you learned that you can’t win an argument on social media?
It’s official. I’m booked solid through Turkey Day. Call now if you want to get started before the end of the year!
@WillManso At the end of the year, the Cowboys and Lions may both be solid playoff teams. Might just need to play weaker teams.
@WillManso The Lions look like a playoff team, but the Giants look horrible on offense. At least you guys have those SB rings.
RT @Sports_Greats: So true, your dreams are worth it.
RT @MikeHynes5: I liked a @YouTube video Do we still need schools?: Nikhil Goyal at TEDxDanubia 2014
Success! Helped a woman break a 23-year habit of clinging to her woobie! Check it out on the Jeff & Jenn Show on...
RT @TheOnion: Drunk Pilot Going To Pull Over Onto Cloud Until He Sobers Up A Little
@JoshEberley Zeke, Rodman, Steph, Magic, Big Ben #pistonsbias
This is more interesting than dumb. Not many people could establish rapport with both Trump and Un. Would love to b…
@WillManso Hang in there, buddy.

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