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RT @blt2last62: @PlanetFitness I finally experienced the Hydromassage. It's amazing and a great addition to a strenuous workout. @BATMANNYC
Fitness Veteran Dan Kennedy Joins HydroMassage as Vice President of Sales https://t.co/agBeOUuMfw via @hydromassagecom
RT @jstagirlinashop: Definitely just fell asleep on the @HydroMassage bed @PlanetFitness So relaxing after a strong workout. #sundayfunday
RT @chriselda76: I TOTALLY RECOMMEND #hydromassage 😉 This is the ONLY reason why Iv been coming More n More to the Gym 😏
RT @CSidnam: Love the #HydroMassage bed at @CrumchFitness in Granite Bay! A great way to end a hard workout. http://t.co/SJgr55e0OM
RT @sarahwittman: The HydroMassage bed at Planet Fitness is the best best part of my day
@The_SuperVixen @PlanetFitness Our Tech Support team is working with the club to get this resolved right away. Thanks for letting us know!
RT @shelbygainer: Best part about the gym I go to now is the hydro massage hands down. If you haven't tried it, try it
@verom00n @PlanetFitness Glad to hear it!
@verom00n @PlanetFitness Thanks Veronica! We'll reach out to the club to help take care of this.
RT @grandle77: The hydromassage bed at Planet Fitness is the most amazing thing I've ever experienced!
RT @MauraReissig2: Thank you planet fitness for this incredible hydro massage after a good hard work out 😍💪🏼
New HydroMassage Lounge Model is Now Available!... http://t.co/JssV7VTo5G
Breakthrough HydroMassage Lounge Model Hits the Market https://t.co/CHDGfWMOwC http://t.co/cMFGkip2OU
RT @GillianKeeler: The only reason I go to planet fitness is for the hydromassage
RT @ecidnac: I think the hydro massage beds at @PlanetFitness are worth the cost of the black card by themselves. #rightthere #thatsthespot
Just posted- get a preview of new HydroMassage models here: http://t.co/IOP0Fb4AMs
RT @nosefacekillahh: I would just like to thank @PlanetFitness for having this wonderful hydromassage bed.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the 7th Annual Free Massage During Tax Week event. We had approximately... http://t.co/B1gse9MpeB
RT @MsBlanca_baby: Love getting this massage after my workout!! #planetfitness #hydroMassage @ Planet Fitness https://t.co/13dCqvqDgG

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