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RT @giirlonthemoon: I had a hydro massage at the gym tonight & lemme tell you; it was amazing!!!!!
Here's a clip from recent news coverage on HydroMassage http://t.co/LQVZKpVOES http://t.co/nClI7JDIsx
Fitness industry execs share lessons learned about HydroMassage in Feb issue of IHRSA magazine... http://t.co/wanRNvMPpR
RT @PortrtsbyJerome: A @PlanetFitness #BlackCard is a No-Brainer. Finishing workouts on the HydroMassage bed, is beyond invigorating!
Fitness Article in February issue of IHRSA Magazine http://t.co/aYVmVvZzBk
RT @goodnightchase: Tell yas what Black Card @PlanetFitness ROCKS! @HydroMassage is the best! I do it once before then once after workout #…
Anytime Fitness club owner shares how he uses HydroMassage to get more members https://t.co/vtp91KwGij
RT @AshleyAllf: The best thing after a good workout #planetfitness #BlackCardPerks #HydroMassage http://t.co/DguVKc91yt
RT @MichaelShinosky: The hydro massage at Planet Fitness is by itself worth the Black Card membership monthly fees
RT @Nate_Abaloz: If you've never tried the HydroMassage bed at Pfit, you're not living. #Amazing
RT @_Kalah: The only reason I like going to the gym is so I can reward myself with a Hydro Massage after.
HydroMassage in Workout Anytime http://t.co/MkhYXNqGWB
RT @ChefCreations22: Best thing about planet fitness is the hydro massage bed! Soooo relaxing! Especially after a hard workout
RT @alyssa_defalco: getting a hydromassage after a work out is the best feeling ever.
RT @alainarochelle: this hydro massage bed at @PlanetFitness is so amazingg. I am gonna use this every time post workout :)
Charter Fitness Adds HydroMassage® Beds to Increase Signature Circle Membership Benefits http://t.co/BjwEYdP5Nk
RT @specialkjl: Did I mention the AWESOME HYDROMASSAGE Machines @chuzefitness .....Simply the BEST!!
Zip Fitness adds HydroMassage beds http://t.co/SVO747df1B
RT @krazykaite: Best part about working out is the free hydro massage I get after every workout 😍🙌
RT @AllyBaldrick: The HydroMassage at the gym is the best.👌 #planetfitness

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