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Just posted- get a preview of new HydroMassage models here: http://t.co/IOP0Fb4AMs
RT @nosefacekillahh: I would just like to thank @PlanetFitness for having this wonderful hydromassage bed.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the 7th Annual Free Massage During Tax Week event. We had approximately... http://t.co/B1gse9MpeB
RT @MsBlanca_baby: Love getting this massage after my workout!! #planetfitness #hydroMassage @ Planet Fitness https://t.co/13dCqvqDgG
RT @PlanetFitnessCA: What do you do after a hard workout at PF? RT if you get a HydroMassage. Fave if you treat yourself to a snack.
@tylergeminisexy Thanks for your interest. Here's the page to request a quote on the model that fits you best: http://t.co/lWRDWor9IP
@LizzVo Thank you very much. We'll remove them right away from the map.
@LizzVo Thank you for the message. If you have a moment to send us the locations, we'll remove them right away from the map
@WealthWatch Here's the press release for one more tax day freebie for your list. Thank you! http://t.co/X5nWNF6icP
@bradrtuttle Here's a link to the press release. Thanks! http://t.co/X5nWNF6icP
@bradrtuttle Here's one more tax day freebie for your list. 7th annual free massages during tax week event http://t.co/FAhONQhrvD
Free massages for tax week start today. Find a location here: http://t.co/FAhONQhrvD http://t.co/KgUOwiqb0i
Reminder: Free massages available nationwide April 13-17. Find a location here:... http://t.co/hlIjeieDzj
RT @ToniaClark70: I absolutely LOVE the hydro massage bed at Planet Fitness!
Free Massages During Tax Week http://t.co/X2yrcz8w4P
Free Massages available nationwide April 13-17. HydroMassage announces the 7th annual Free Massage During Tax... http://t.co/ZKwiSkgXGy
@CampusInvestor Yes, we will be offering free massages nationwide April 13-17. More details to be announced soon
RT @_greg335: The HydroMassage bed at Planet Fitness might be on the top 10 list of things ever invented
@fisherstacym Yes, free massages will be available nationwide from 4/13 - 4/17. Stay tuned for more information
HydroMassage in Workout Anytime http://t.co/1M3gSuHO6I

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