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RT @danielley27: came to the gym only to use the hydro massage and I don't think I've ever made a better decision in my life
Who needs work anyway? Visit http://t.co/0oesikpwMN and find a HydroMassage near you. http://t.co/AFd0H3jbZw
It's Friday...Keep Calm and Book A Massage. To find a HydroMassage near you, visit... http://t.co/pxM9CUyvjZ
RT @softlysoaring: I'm convinced that most world wars could have been avoided if they had all just laid on the hydromassage beds at @Planet…
RT @Andreaenglehorn: Went to the gym only to get a hydro massage. Hope it helps me the rest of the day. @PlanetFitness
Isn’t this the truth! Treat yourself and book a massage with HydroMassage today. Visit... http://t.co/8vfpmdbs8d
RT @EmPuwalski: HydroMassage at Planet Fitness... The only reason I still pay 20 dollars a month to come here! http://t.co/RZ0K4YUVHj
RT @ordinarybailey: HydroMassage beds at Planet Fitness are probably the best things ever
Are you a regular HydroMassage user? If so, how many times a week do you get a massage?
New pics just posted on our Pinterest page. Take a look if you haven't checked it out in a while... http://t.co/bIjEY7ftiv
HydroMassasge beds in World Gym Canada http://t.co/o3KWHkJVSj
Two HydroMassage beds just installed at an In-Shape fitness club in Palmdale, CA http://t.co/MxZIK2Nhkp
Good video on HydroMassage from Dr. Caleb Braddock in Van Alstyne, TX http://t.co/GxNPS1Zjpb http://t.co/8icw8hBU4Q
HydroMassage is part of the premium membership at Workout Anytime clubs http://t.co/oJZsMW3BKp
RT @dbdesign89: This #HydroMassage bed is unreal! #PlanetFitness #Conyers http://t.co/GVs2XauyYd
HydroMassage in Norway! http://t.co/vH6HbY1QIn
RT @JohnPullum: The Hydro Massage beds at @PlanetFitness are the perfect way to end a workout. I wish I had one at home. #relaxing
Anytime Fitness- Jefferson, WI HydroMassage bed http://t.co/5JlkhqE9mW
Crunch Fitness HydroMassage bed http://t.co/IWGW2rdTSg
RT @17ShortFuse: I swear the hydromassage by itself is worth what I pay Planet Fitness a month.

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