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RT @ClubMetroUnion: Stop in all weekend long for Specials and more!! Sign up at the Gym and receive a free 8min Hydro Massage (NEW)! http:/…
Charter Fitness announcing new HydroMassage beds http://t.co/jFDm3j97vf
Good video on HydroMassage from Vitality Chiropractic in Rapid City, SD https://t.co/9wAUBAUaf9 http://t.co/rnch2Y0SWs
RT @5thFromEight: One of the best things about @PlanetFitness is the #HydroMassage!
RT @exohitstaylor: Hydro massage is probably one of the best investments @PlanetFitness has ever made. So nice after a hard workout. 👍
RT @VeeLacroix: These HydroMassage beds are so worth the $19 gym membership...I guess the exercise is fun too
Don’t stress yourself. HydroMassage is available on YOUR time. Find one near you by visiting... http://t.co/RaS0jdvAIO
World Gym Kitchener just added HydroMassage beds http://t.co/duTVpZNuY4
Make every day "massage day" with HydroMassage. Find a HydroMassage near you by clicking here:... http://t.co/3mNCn0evSd
RT @PMooreOnline: Unlimited hydromassage at Fitness Evolution! Boom! @ Fitness Evolution http://t.co/yclkBtpSGk
TGIF! Anyone else getting a massage today? Find a HydroMassage near you by visiting... http://t.co/ZjT8QfE67Q
RT @SoSavyyy: Tried the hydromassage after working out today at @CalFit it was amazing 😌
Everyone needs a little stress relief...and, according to WebMD and the article below, massage does a pretty good... http://t.co/2OHy2qsivl
RT @danielley27: came to the gym only to use the hydro massage and I don't think I've ever made a better decision in my life
Who needs work anyway? Visit http://t.co/0oesikpwMN and find a HydroMassage near you. http://t.co/AFd0H3jbZw
It's Friday...Keep Calm and Book A Massage. To find a HydroMassage near you, visit... http://t.co/pxM9CUyvjZ
RT @softlysoaring: I'm convinced that most world wars could have been avoided if they had all just laid on the hydromassage beds at @Planet…
RT @Andreaenglehorn: Went to the gym only to get a hydro massage. Hope it helps me the rest of the day. @PlanetFitness
Isn’t this the truth! Treat yourself and book a massage with HydroMassage today. Visit... http://t.co/8vfpmdbs8d

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