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Pope Francis to visit Turkey in most challenging mission of papacy so far http://t.co/XyQVu59Nkl
Turkey is standing up to Isis oil smugglers | Letters: Abdurrahman Bilgiç, Aamir Ahmed http://t.co/hIFd8pdhTk
Beyond the UK and US: what films are top of the box office for the rest of the world? http://t.co/1f6yMaYAEH
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: ‘women not equal to men’ http://t.co/S28aWgtJOn
Biden warns of 'corrosive' presidential powers as Turkey talks focus on Assad http://t.co/ky6BupQ8Sq
Turkey and US play down differences as leaders meet in Istanbul http://t.co/ZIgbRkF2IP
Amnesty report reveals desperate plight of Syrian refugees in Turkey http://t.co/CXMCnSEQmm
Man who shot John Paul II requests meeting with Pope Francis http://t.co/pMXX2Ku2e7
Erdogan hits back at ridicule of claim Muslims discovered America http://t.co/d5ORwzRE4G
Obama confirms death of US hostage Peter Kassig after Isis releases video http://t.co/McvFKTQJ20
Four Sydney brothers suspected of travelling to Syria to fight with Isis http://t.co/vPKsszE65s
Turkey official: assault on US sailors in Istanbul 'reprehensible' http://t.co/v5OzCtKjMv
London woman duped into smuggling money for jihad in Syria forgives friend http://t.co/kjb78R0vEM
Three US sailors ambushed in Turkey by anti-American protesters http://t.co/ttJSqqG0Ax
Turkish firm must scrap olive grove coal plant, says government http://t.co/Ihry0IclS0
Syrian rebel leader: US-led attacks on Isis are undermining anti-Assad forces http://t.co/WxqXWFqkDh
Isis 'will regenerate' after air strikes, says defence chief - video http://t.co/smqkQSgzUr
Istanbul city guide: essential sights, and where to eat, drink and stay http://t.co/KbX0R1d5Lf
Istanbul city guide: essential sights, and where to eat, drink and stay http://t.co/mHvn7lj9OM
Would-be jihadis using cruise ships to get to Syria and Iraq, say police chiefs http://t.co/kGWOHOzN6q

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