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On Lake Csertő is this almost historic house in excellent condition on a plot of 7220m2. € 130000… https://t.co/gnTd1j72Xg
Guy Le Querrec. Budapest. XIV Allatkerti ut 11. Hydropatic establishment Széchenyi. Monday 28th April, 1980. https://t.co/i5ZmTWKhrV
Erich Lessing. Budapest. 1956. A newspaper stall in Budapest. https://t.co/bioCK1Hcut
Martine Franck. Budapest. Puppets in a Day Care Center. 1967. https://t.co/D4iSq2FdEn
Erich Lessing. 1956. Karzag. A discussion with the Communist Party Secretary in a Puszta village. https://t.co/vIdi3G82p9
Martine Franck. Budapest. At restaurant. 1967. https://t.co/IjcVvta6S9
David Seymour. Hadjuhadhaza. 1948. Girls work at train ticket office at Hadjuhadhaza Children's Town. https://t.co/ltyuJTvKK2
Baross tér, facing the street Rottenbiller. The recording was made around 1895th https://t.co/AnfeesvoQ8
Trinity Square and Matthias Church for the Trinity Street. The recording was made in 1896. https://t.co/EqsoBRWGU1
Holiday house for sale on a nice location in the popular resort of Orfű. € 43700 https://t.co/Lcq1vspreZ https://t.co/Le7gdbUPye
Parliament. The foreground of Esztergom paddle steamer. The recording was made around 1900th https://t.co/U2Xu2Xdg3v
Pest Hungarian Commercial Bank headquarters (Gerbeaud House). The recording was made after the 1896th https://t.co/CIHN2ewvUu
Rákóczi út 5, Pannonia hostel. The recording was made after the 1890th. https://t.co/26VTQlJrjI
The Pilsen beer hall staff in 1896. https://t.co/IOXkoOjOPc
Count Tivadar Andrássy. Castle stables. 1895-1899. https://t.co/fBAso7Kvdh
Royal Palace on the Pest side of the Vigadó Square. 1898 https://t.co/itGXBfH891
BUDAPEST. Emperor bath. The recording was made around 1872. https://t.co/m6GT5vmUfK
Budapest, park. 1900. SALY NOÉMI https://t.co/o5DxHSS4Pe
Hungary. 1893. LAKATOS MÁRIA. https://t.co/TcszGBdZVm
Városligeti Műjégpálya. 1907. Skaters enjoying the winter of 1907 at the City Park Ice Rink in Budapest. https://t.co/bBpFepziJl

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