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Once a bastion of anti-vax sentiment, WA community moves toward science
RT @HuffPostCollege: UNC victim's former roommate recalls threats before fatal shooting
Edward Snowden wants Switzerland to grant him asylum
Former NBC News president Andrew Lack returns to network as chairman
Another moment of truth for Obamacare
Everybody smile, it's Friday
Reverend on city's bad drinking water: “This is almost as bad as gas chambers for Jews"
Are humans getting more intelligent? New study confirms rising global IQs
7 easy-peasy DIY projects for lazy afternoons
RT @Schultz_Report: These Umps And Refs Are Best Known For Botched Calls. Here's How They Made Peace With Their Legacies:…
Ben Carson has made some serious missteps on sexual orientation
Target turns to Hispanic shoppers for salvation
"Cinderella" director Kenneth Branagh shares all the magical details on the film with @HuffPostLive
WATCH: Every Friday, these seniors turn Burger King into a Hawaiian music fest
5 ways to survive the start of Daylight Saving Time
KIDnapped goat recovered in Boring, Oregon
Flight attendants name the best foods on 9 major airlines
Vincent Van Gogh may have hidden "The Last Supper" within one of his most famous paintings
RT @HuffPostCrime: Florida man brings neighbor's dead body to lawyer in bizarre investigation
"Orange Is The New Black" actor Matt McGorry: "I AM A FEMINIST"

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