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Notebook from Antarctic explorer's doomed last expedition found encased in ice
UNC officials failed to stop 18-year long academic fraud scheme, report details
Ice cream truck driver attacked by crowd after accidentally killing 7-year-old in Los Angeles
"Mystery woman" involved in soul singer's paralyzing accident speaks out, 30 years later
4 steps to stamping out America's carbon footprint
Terrible people prey on Ebola fears in new email scam
The online dating mistake you didn't even know you were making
The Academy reportedly asked three other people to host the Oscars before Neil Patrick Harris
You're really going to need one of these this winter. Trust us.
How you expect to feel at an art museum vs. how you actually feel
Sarah Hyland opens up about her friendship with Taylor Swift
Why medical conspiracy theories are here to stay
How the Federal Reserve blew its most important job for over three years
This is what Johnny Depp looks like in "Into the Woods"
Air New Zealand unveils epic Hobbit-themed flight safety video
More than 550 killed in Syria airstrikes, monitor reports
This couple's greatest adventure began when they switched from coffee to green tea
Simpsons fans rejoice! Now you can legally watch every episode online
Michael Brown autopsy analysis sparks skepticism, as experts unaffiliated with investigation weigh in
Kate Hudson manages to not look like a teen at the mall with her new pink hair

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