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9 beautiful photos of black moms proudly breastfeeding
French restaurant owner tells women wearing hijabs to "get out" ➡️ by @willafrej
FDA to screen all donated blood for Zika virus
RT @aterkel: Trump’s latest dog whistle: that Huma Abedin has terrorism ties
Author says this behavior predicts infidelity in a relationship from day one
RT @marinafang: GOP senator's strange idea for reducing poverty: let single moms work at their children's day care centers.…
All the things Mark Zuckerberg and Pope Francis talked about
Donald Trump finally throws down some cash on television ads against Hillary Clinton
RT @svdate: Think the military would reject a President Trump's illegal orders? Think again. via @HuffPostPol
This is why I wear my wedding dress every single year
RT @ryanjreilly: Spoke with the Arkansas mom who just spent 35 days in jail for bouncing a $29 check. Her story:
Donald Trump is wrong about crime in cities
RT @aedwardslevy: New HuffPost/YouGov: GOP voters say 54% to 35% that Trump wasn't best option for nomination. In June, was 44/44. https://…
Hunky "Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs" calendar raises money for dog rescues
Harambe-costumed teen re-enacts tragedy at high school football game
RT @marinafang: GOP rep says Trump shouldn't politicize Anthony Weiner scandal—but claims Huma Abedin has Muslim Brotherhood ties: https://…
RT @AlexCKaufman: Plastic pollution is now so ubiquitous it serves as evidence we're in a new geological epoch
Remembering Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner, comedy's original power couple
RT @AkbarSAhmed: Feeling patriotic, proud & sure the US military would nobly withstand Trump? @woodwriter bursts your bubble…
RT @MustReads: .@realDonaldTrump is right: The military probably would follow his orders.

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