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Hormones are raging in Netflix's new "Wet Hot American Summer" trailer
Demi Lovato rocks a bra top and gladiator boots to perform her new song, "Cool for the Summer"
Live updates from the #USA vs. #JPN Women's World Cup Final
7 sneaky causes of weight gain
Paul Rudd farts through an entire "Ant-Man" interview... sort of
You're pronouncing these Italian foods completely wrong
Britney & her sons recreate her "Oops" album cover
Who in God's name could be burning black churches?
Watch this runner celebrate too early and lose the whole freaking race
Caitlyn Jenner shares inspirational 4th of July message on Instagram
Prince's new song "HARDROCKLOVER" is super sexy
4 bad habits that are wrecking your sleep
RT @HuffPostSports: 7 Problems The Women's World Cup Needs To Fix #USA
As same-sex couples line up to wed, others celebrate the right to divorce
Carrie Underwood covers Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" like a boss
For this comedian, driving a giant butt across the country is a tad cheeky. Ugh, sorry...
Wildfires in Spain and Portugal force 1,350 to evacuate
Church installs the perfect rainbow sign to say, "God's doors are open to all"
The corporate consultant working for free to kill the Boston Olympics
Here are our options for stopping a killer asteroid

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