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Scientists unlock the mysteries of the world's most massive volcano
"Fantastic Four" sequel pulled from Fox's release schedule
This NFL season has been kind of boring, right?
How controversial gene editing could lead to groundbreaking cures
James Gunn debunks those "Guardians Of The Galaxy" paternity rumors
Adele rocks "Today Show" with soul-baring song "Million Years Ago"
"Golden Girls" granny panties are a real thing you can buy right now
Government officials in Tanzania are now banned from sending Christmas cards
Mars may eventually have its own planetary rings just like Saturn, astronomers say
Pizzeria owner feeds dozens after Thanksgiving dinner gesture goes viral
The Trump campaign restricts reporters covering what happens off stage
John Kasich video links Donald Trump to Nazi Germany
Loneliness is bad for you, and this study may help explain why
Tyson Fury defeats Wladimir Klitschko, sings Aerosmith
The Olsen twins are definitely not going to be in "Fuller House"
Trucker goes missing with 40,000 pounds of meat
Now there's caution tape to warn of the dangers of gentrification
Princeton students protest protesters, want school to keep honoring Woodrow Wilson
John Malkovich said this movie was like getting "a blowjob from the wrong person"
A Texas couple is behind bars after a toddler died from oven burns

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