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Iraqi Kurdish forces enter Kobani to fight ISIS
RT @laurenduca: It's about time someone other than straight white males got to be superheroes
Maine nurse defies #Ebola quarantine, goes for a bike ride
Here comes the world's thinnest smartphone (for now)
Protesters storm Burkina Faso parliament
T-Pain singing without auto-tune is actually beautiful
This map depicts the staggering highs and lows of the U.S. economy since 1999
6 of America's favorite little towns you should really visit this fall
Days after its co-founder's climate denial, the Weather Channel has announced that global warming is indeed real
The powerhouse superfood you've probably never heard of
Microsoft releases $199 wearable fitness tracker
This Instagram account calls out online dating's worst guys
Roswell UFO crash was secret Nazi aircraft, claims new German documentary
Weather Channel: warming is real!
Russell Brand opens up about his sexuality
Fox News host catcalls woman in viral video: 'Damn, baby, you're a piece of woman'
Here's when it's OK to use the "R-word" in 1 nifty chart
RT @HuffPostCrime: Unmanned balloon a bust in Eric Frein manhunt #ericfrein
Russia raises tensions with aerial maneuvers
WATCH: 10 hours of walking in NYC... as a white man

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