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Candice Swanepoel's latest Instgram photo seriously has us asking, "OMG! Who does that?"
Jack Gleeson's Purple Wedding reaction tops them all
According to this "Game of Thrones" blooper, there are coffee shops in Westeros
Jennifer Garner looked a lot different in 1999
Paris Hilton carries a see-through purse and it's filled with cash
'X-Men' director accused of sexually assaulting underage boy
Person reportedly in custody following incident at LA Times building
Sexters are really, truly very dirty...LIARS
Heidi Klum goes topless on the beach with her new boyfriend
Reports: Areas of Los Angeles Times building on lockdown, police investigating
Animals with 'female penis' observed for the first time ever
Remarkable photos of an elderly love triangle will change your perception of relationships
The Great Lakes are still almost half frozen -- and it could affect the environment for years
Watch what happens when a photographer drops his camera in a lake
Wedding party reenacts Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper' painting, because why not
RT @HuffPostSports: Combine a cute dog, parkour and slow motion and you'll get something this awesome
A disturbing portrait of sexual assault at Harvard
Miley Cyrus postpones U.S. tour
Buying a house? Why putting 20 percent down is the smartest decision

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