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These wonderful, whimsical toilet paper roll faces prove origami is one of the awesomest art forms
Massive fish devours 4-foot shark in one bite
Quack Quack the duck gets his waddle back thanks to this custom, 3D-printed brace
Meet the 99-year-old woman who makes a new dress every single day for a child in need
This photo of star-birthing regions is absolutely stunning
RT @thirdmetric: 12 things the world can learn from Spain
This man has ALS. If you only watch one more ice bucket challenge, it should be his
Lawmakers who cut ALS research funds take ice bucket challenge for ALS research
RT @ryanjreilly: #DOJ photo of Eric Holder meeting with a group of young people today #Ferguson
Church that provides shelter for Ferguson protestors reportedly raided by police
This is what happens in a depressed person's brain
Finally, a senator in a tough re-election race bets on Obamacare
Here's what newspapers around the world are saying about the Ferguson shooting
What the size of your wedding might say about your marriage
Here's how often single men have sex
Former NFL linebacker Tim Shaw announces he has ALS in Ice Bucket Challenge video
Dem senator sparks backlash after praising prison as job-creator
14 artists who are proving opera is anything but boring
14 people with an undeniably strong Tinder game
Eric Holder hears from the people of Ferguson face to face

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