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6:18:05pm - The House adjourned. Next meeting: 9:00 am on July 28, 2017. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
6:17:01pm - Ms. Cheney filed reports from the Committee on Rules, #HRes480 and #HRes481. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
6:16:29pm - The House convened, returning from a recess continuing the legislative day of July 27. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
5:26:53pm - The House recessed. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
5:23:07pm - ONE MINUTE SPEECHES - The House proceeded with further 1 minute speeches. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
5:20:26pm #HR3219 Motion to reconsider tabled Agreed to without objection. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
5:14:15pm #HR3219 On passage RC 435 - Yea and Nay vote pending. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
5:14:12pm #HR3219 On motion to recommit with instructions Failed by vote: (RC 434). https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
5:07:30pm #HR3219 On motion to recommit with instructions RC 434 - vote pending. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
5:00:06pm #HR3219 Ms. Roybal-Allard moved to recommit with instructions to the Committee on Appropriations. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
4:52:02pm #HR3219 On the Nadler amdt.; Failed by vote: (RC 432). https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
4:52:09pm #HR3219 On the Cartwright amdt. (A055) RC 433 - vote pending. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
4:47:43pm #HR3219 On the Nadler amdt. (A053) RC 432 - vote pending. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN
4:43:13pm #HR3219 On the Boyle, Brendan F. amdt. (A049) RC 431 - vote pending. https://t.co/odbWABrCRl
4:11:58pm #HR3219 On the Suozzi amdt. (A048) RC 430 - vote pending. https://t.co/odbWABrCRl
3:58:02pm #HR3219 DEBATE - Pursuant to #HRes478, the Committee proceeded with 10 minutes on the DeSantis amdt. No. 47.
3:56:58pm #HR3219 On the Davidson amdt.; Failed by VV. https://t.co/odbWABrCRl
3:49:27pm #HR3219 DEBATE - Pursuant to #HRes478, the Committee proceeded with 10 minutes on the Davidson amdt. No. 45.
3:42:37pm #HR3219 DEBATE - Pursuant to #HRes478, the Committee proceeded with 10 minutes on the Cartwright amdt. No. 43.
3:42:06pm #HR3219 On the Foster amdt.; Failed by VV. https://t.co/odbWABa1ZN

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