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was sorry to hear about the passing of Alice. Not the startup, the real Alice is from way, way,
Thinks they forgot to add Mr. French from "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" and Tony Macelli from "Who's the Boss?"
How often does America shop? Here you go, by the numbers. For more, click here.
mourns the passing of Daniel "Buddy" Roche (age 85), one of the founders of @Roche_Bros. Truly an icon, may he #rip.
First Yucaipa acquires @FreshandEasy, then @Albertsons buys @UnitedWestTexas. Now @Walgreens acquires @KerrDrug #wtf
is glad to see retailers having a renewed focus on customer intimacy via technology. So do we.
@giveforward How can I make the default view 'recent activity' instead of 'top donors'?
is encouraged by @couponcabin's report but Americans are unlikely to sever their ties w/ brick & mortar grocers.
has a hard time understanding why Eric Holder is being pressured to step down. #rockstar
applauds #mondelez for recognizing the power of mobile and for its commitment to innovation.
applauds @stabenow for getting Congress to moooove swiftly to pass the farm bill and avoid the dairy cliff.
is still saddened that tragedy befell Mike's Grocery in 1971 and now we'll never bring the arsonist(s) to justice.
is very proud of America's supermarkets for their leadership in the fight against domestic hunger. Happy New Year!
agrees that today's moms are savvier but are coupons the only reason they turn to the internet before a grocery trip?
applauds the efficiency of self checkout but the smile of a friendly cashier is the best way to end a grocery trip.
wishes P&G a happy 175th bday. Be it crest, ivory, tide or cover girl, you've helped Americans make first impressions.
is not surprised to learn that Rayid Ghani, the man who data mined Obama to victory, is a grocery promotions veteran.
wishes a happy belated 60th birthday to the barcode. No innovation has benefitted the way America shops for groceries.
is a proponent of dynamic couponing based on household elasticities. What worked for the airlines can work for grocers.
is saddened by the senseless violence that occurred in Colorado. Movie theatres are like supermarkets. It's where people come together.

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We market a digital grocery list and an organized approach to shopping for groceries. Our goal is a stocked pantry in every house.

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