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Check out the March issue of Pagan Moonbeams - filled with activities and lots of info here: http://t.co/qKMinZpg
Your older students might be interested in learning about the earliest found etchings in ostrich eggs here: http://t.co/ZC4FzLf4
RT @HomeCurriculum: Tips for keeping homeschooling affordable! http://t.co/5SOXsE1c
Java Script Tutorials for your Gamer-Homeschooling-Student: http://t.co/i9vjzFZ3
Teaching HTML to Kids: http://t.co/YhcjWKje
Teaching Diversity: http://t.co/pCsavJ79
more Chinese New Year Craft ideas: http://t.co/4lUqREUQ
Chinese New Year Crafts http://t.co/t0X8hhLs
@TerpsichoreSoar @interest_led @reachsudbury that seems to be the story of so many people - success despite public school, not because of it
RT @HomeCurriculum: The Statistical research supports home schooling benefits! http://t.co/yfZ6xcxa
Tons of printables, charts, calendars and worksheets: http://t.co/L5C0HeYJ - for all grade-levels!
what is unschooling? http://t.co/O9bAgc7o
what is waldorf inspired homeschooling? http://t.co/3d5iO8rO
Making Sparkly Candle Holders with the KIds: http://t.co/aN9t03fW
Pagan Parenting Tips, Craft Ideas, recipes and links: http://t.co/PPOgrgTe to incorporate into your homeschooling experience
Teaching values with short stories: http://t.co/UYhQ8PIt
Cool place to find info on teaching about the solar system: http://t.co/QdLdu8VE
Getting kids exited about math: http://t.co/jAUCDLaU
@SATgourmet here is a link to an healthier idea http://t.co/Q2ECYWiy
RT @secularhs: “Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.”--Anonymous

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