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‘But you didn’t know I wanted to dance all evening, did you, Leon? Are you fed up with me?’ #Sixties https://t.co/qLFfqAbvGF
No, Eline did not know how to decide. She shuddered at taking a step that could make her happy or unhappy for life.… https://t.co/khPoO3KUTK
Listen to Tum balalaika one of the songs that inspired Norbert Hirschhorn to write To Sing Away the Darekest Days https://t.co/8laYEwa1gN
Witnessing how the city-body becomes an agent in its own right is pleasantly hypnotizing. #HeRunstheMoon… https://t.co/XmnmUfWFxc
The tea tastes as if someone has extinguished a cigar in it. Much later she will learn its name: lapsang souchong. https://t.co/AhUtMDHnJD
#DiaspoRenga a poetic conversation about conflicts & emmigrants between Marilyn Hacker & Deema Shehabi… https://t.co/x3h8OsvoOp
I had to lie. However preposterous my excuse or explanation, I would deliver it with bare-faced panache. #Sixties https://t.co/qLFfqAbvGF
Preview Travels with My Father by reading The Big House one of the chapters in Karen Jennings’ new novel.… https://t.co/oEzfjglklJ
Her inexplicable obsession following a no-show customer at her downtown office make for an unforgettable read… https://t.co/Nnj9xS0gLW
They all act as if they are well-dressed swells but up close, their clothes are shabby, almost shapeless with wear. https://t.co/AhUtMDHnJD
Een Vincent die net zo doordrenkt is met kleur en alcohol als het nog natte doek van een pas geschilderd schilderij… https://t.co/QqPcXoHK12
If she had in fact suggested that, I would have been at a total loss. But boys thrive on fantasy and anticipation.… https://t.co/tmE26z1doA
Luister naar Aan de overkant van het water uit Het #refrein van andermans leven van Arnold Jansen op de Haar https://t.co/hQZWHaRI5j
Noiselessly three or four bombs fall on the square and three or four houses slowly hoist their red flags… https://t.co/GaBUgbA6vQ
Travels with My Father by Karen Jennings will be launched on 3 Nov, 17.30 @book_lounge Cape Town South Africa https://t.co/ia323eZoW6
‘Yes, we will, provided that some unruly critic doesn’t asphyxiate us with slander and derision!’ says Jim. #HS https://t.co/AhUtMDHnJD
The humour is wry and plentiful & the writing is full of great little observations. It's on my re-read list already… https://t.co/Q9vUppFl2K
I was confused. I must admit that the idea of dancing in a small private room with Rita did attract me. #Sixties https://t.co/qLFfqAbvGF
Listen to Norbert Hirschhorn reciting The Little Stove from his collection To Sing Away the Darkest Days… https://t.co/j9YVTIr1lB
Looking for a good read? Love literary fiction or poetry? Check out this remarkable selection of books. https://t.co/Gtwxuw4JTJ

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We publish Dutch writers in Dutch & English. We also publish new works written in English and translations of classic Dutch novels. We cover fiction & poetry.

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