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We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. - Benjamin Franklin #quote
Be a good listener. Your ears will never get you in trouble. - Frank Tyger #quote
RT @Owlie17: OMG Bruce. That is outrageous! Dems want to plunge people into poverty. https://t.co/9jQcsq58jh
RT @bakedalaska: WOW: CNN cuts feed when @wikileaks is mentioned... Could the media get any more corrupt & dishonest? https://t.co/Cwk6tEW…
RT @mchalfant16: A decorated soldier from Illinois and a praised Army civilian employee from Oklahoma. RIP https://t.co/HHwGfhvIRU
@RickCanton Alright. so what's the big deal?
Report: Obama withholding details on changes to Iran sanctions guidelines | World Israel News: https://t.co/Gmx5WaH2fE
Netanyahu suspicious of Obama's last 2 months, denies calling him 'existential threat' | World Israel News https://t.co/v9lx2727Va
RT @IngrahamAngle: WikiLeaks: Donna Brazile Shreds Obama Economy https://t.co/k1tpXYSqWN via @LifeZette
RT @RJC: EDITORIAL: Iran just raised its price for the next hostage ransom https://t.co/utemg900GZ https://t.co/qV21PFSoMt
RT @BI_Defense: ISIS launched a major counter-attack on Kirkuk to distract Iraqi troops from Mosul https://t.co/3RBE2pa4Io https://t.co/4pw…
Maybe me. I haven't been able to got here since 8:00 this morning & suddenly I could..hmm https://t.co/OH2qC275Qc
RT @ProudWarriorDad: HANG @HillaryClinton -Former Justice Dept Official Reveals Trump Is RIGHT – Election Is RIGGED!: https://t.co/0j…
Worthy RT..White House Issues Literal Warning to People Watching O’Keefe Videos https://t.co/2Ycm7mFn0l
RT @DrMartyFox: Why Should #Trump Concede In Advance To Corrupt #Hillary⁉️ 10 Documented Cases Of #VOTERFRAUD #DrainTheSwamp https://t.…
RT @DrMartyFox: #UnindictedFelon #Hillary Discloses Nuclear Launch Time On National TV Classified Information On Private Server But #Tru…
@RickCanton Terrible photoshop
RT @RedNationRising: Come on now son, Even Hillary's running mate agrees she should be in Jail #LockHerUp #debatenight #RedNationRising ht…
RT @FiveRights: #PodestaEmails13 Want your nation off terror list? No need to change anything, just donate to Sec State Hillary's private f…

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